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Game of Thrones' Kit Harington and Rose Leslie marry in Scotland

The Guardian

Couple who met on set of TV series exchanged vows at Rayne church in Aberdeenshire

Nigerian women's elaborate hairstyles – in pictures


In Nigeria, women’s hairstyles can carry a number of different meanings and messages. These plaits and elaborate structures take anywhere between 30 minutes and five hours to create and can mark special occasions such as weddings and…


Pantera drummer and co-founder Vinnie Paul dies at 54

The Guardian / US

Tributes pour in from rock and heavy metal groups including Kiss and Guns N’ Roses


Anna Mackmin: 'I knew far too many children who were having sex with adults'


Theatre director has poured her memories of growing up in a hippy commune in Norfolk into her debut novel Devoured, and baked them into an experimental comedy about the me generation


David Lynch: ‘You gotta be selfish. It's a terrible thing’

The Twin Peaks director lives for his work. He talks about his four marriages, why explaining his films is a ‘crime’, and what makes him a happy camper


Sex And The City made me who I am – and I make no apology for that

The Guardian

I’m so glad I got to grow up alongside a show that depicted single life in the city as something fabulous and female-centric, not tragic and male-obsessed

TV’s best pop spoofs: from Paper Boi to Peeno Noir

The trap track created for Atlanta follows in a long line of original songs created for shows, from The Office to Insecure and beyond


Rufus Wainwright: ‘I like sugar a lot; I can swig maple syrup from the bottle’

The singer on sleep, his sweet tooth, and home renovation in the Canadian mountains

Tailspin review: a treatise on US social decline that doesn't blame Trump


Steven Brill’s analysis of inequality and social stasis is part humblebrag, part jeremiad aimed at the author’s fellow elites


And Now We Have Everything review – the shock of motherhood

What if women were told the truth? Meaghan O’Connell chronicles the blood, sweat and tears of having a baby

Donald Glover on the return of Atlanta: ‘I’m not making a TV show, I am making an experience’

As the dramedy that catapulted Glover to superstardom returns for its new season, the This Is America star talks race, risks and Robbin’ Season

Friday, Jun 22


'It's the thrusting of the pelvis': inside the kinetic dance style known as bucking

When the Beat Drops, a new documentary, follows a close-knit circle of black gay men in Atlanta who lead double lives – professionals by day, dancers by night


Paul McCartney serves up surprise show in Liverpool pub

The Guardian

Rock star returns to home city for appearance on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden


The truth about gaming disorder, from Fortnite to World of Warcraft

As the number of young gamers has risen sharply, so have addiction narratives

'He was terrified of people': when gaming becomes an addiction


Huge popularity of online games sparks fears over young people’s mental health


'Xenophobic and racist': Elena Ferrante warns of danger to Italy from Matteo Salvini

The Guardian

In her Guardian column, author of the bestselling Neapolitan novels makes rare intervention in politics to voice fears of interior minister’s ‘racist fists’


Colbert on Melania's jacket: 'one message she didn't steal from Michelle Obama'

Late-night comics, also including Trevor Noah and Jimmy Fallon, discussed Melania Trump’s controversial ‘I Really Don’t Care’ jacket


Pusha T’s Whitney Houston homage: work of art or moral atrocity?

From the recent use of the late singer’s bathroom to Kanye West’s tribute to Emma Gonzales, dissecting rap imagery in the age of moral outrage is a complex process


Dave Eggers: ‘I always picture Trump hiding under a table’

The Circle author talks about Facebook, why immigrants are not the enemy and his first novel for children


'The evil was profound': Fanny Burney letter describes mastectomy in 1812


Letter, which has been digitised by the British Library for the first time, recounts the novelist’s agonising experience of surgery in an age before anaesthesia

Cooking on High: Netflix's foray into weed cuisine is half-baked

An unusual cooking competition show sees expert chefs make sumptuous meals with cannabis while a judging panel of weed enthusiasts get stoned


Who Framed Roger Rabbit? at 30: the game-changer Hollywood couldn't top

In 1988, the ambitious multimedia caper brought darkness and a satirical edge to the summer and the industry has struggled to match its inventiveness ever since


The Conners: ABC creates Roseanne spinoff – without Roseanne Barr

The Guardian

The new series has the working title The Conners and will star John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert and other Roseanne co-stars


How did some of cinema's greatest films end up in an Iowa shed?

The Guardian / US

A heartwarming new documentary tells the story of the history teacher who stumbled upon the Brinton Collection, a unique archive of films from the earliest days of moving pictures

Celestial Motion: a virtual dance with the stars

In the Guardian’s new VR 360 film, inspired by solar physics, contemporary dancers from the Alexander Whitley Dance Company explore movement across human and astronomical scales


Shakespeare, strikes and soapy pigs: a hand-drawn history of London – in pictures


From early settlements in Rotherhithe to riots in Georgian Shoreditch, artist Adam Dant explores the colourful history and geography of London in a series of maps depicting historical events and the odd tall tale

From the Futureworld conspiracy to B=T: the best Westworld fan theories

In the build up to the series two finale we look at the best – and most outlandish – theories from the messageboards

From vibrators to gay kisses, how Bollywood embraced the taboo

Once a musical wonderland out of touch with reality, India’s film industry is finally addressing contemporary issues – and telling women’s stories

How the US has prepared for nuclear Armageddon – in pictures

Since the days of the Truman administration, American officials have planned how to keep the government functioning during a nuclear Armageddon. Though details of the country’s post-doomsday planning are classified, evidence of their…


Nile Rodgers: ‘My family were high-functioning addicts. I inherited that gene’

After a tumultuous childhood, drug addiction and the death of disco, the coolest man in pop is bringing back Chic