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Obama’s education secretary: Let’s boycott school until gun laws change


In an interview, Duncan said a provocative approach is needed if gun laws are ever going to change.

Four residents airlifted, dozens more structures destroyed by lava on Hawaii’s Big Island


A short explosion from the Kilauea crater sent an ash cloud about 10,000 feet into the air around midnight Saturday.


‘At what point will this stop? What’s it going to take? How much more?’

Washington Post

It is no longer a matter of whether there will be another school shooting in America; it is a matter of when and where. The reality has led to parents being afraid to send their kids to school and a resignation that nothing is likely to…


Texas school had a shooting plan, armed officers and practice. And still 10 people died.

Washington Post

Officials said procedures worked as intended, but a gunman was still able to enter the facility, kill students and teachers, and hold off police for 30 minutes.


The lives lost at Santa Fe High School

Washington Post

Ten people — eight students and two adults — were killed during first-period classes on Friday, the result of the latest mass shooting during school hours.

Saturday, May 19


The earth cracked open. Walls of lava encroached. That’s just life on a Hawaiian volcano.

Washington Post

Kilauea’s eruptions threaten residential communities on the Big Island, but the residents roll with the lava flow, ash plumes and acrid, sulfurous air.


Study: Puppies’ cuteness peaks when they need humans most

Here's why the most adorable puppy you've ever seen was probably around 2 months old.

Suicidal? Be prepared to wait for care.

As the mental-health system falters, psychiatric patients often get stuck in emergency departments.

A doctor laced his ex-girlfriend’s tea with abortion pills and got three years in prison


Sikander Imran, a former doctor at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, was sentenced to three years in prison for slipping an abortion pill into his pregnant ex-girlfriend’s drink, causing her to miscarry. He pleaded guilty earlier…

Millions of U.S. drivers may have lost licenses over traffic debt

More than 7 million people nationwide may have had their driver’s licenses suspended for failure to pay court or administrative debt, a practice that advocates say unfairly punishes the poor, a Washington Post analysis found.

Insurgents have waged a war on education in her home country. But she died in a Texas school shooting.

Washington Post

Sabika Sheikh grew up in Pakistan — a country that is intimately familiar with deadly attacks on schools. Between 2007 and 2015, there were 867 attacks on educational institutions in Pakistan, according to the Global Terrorism Database.…


‘Just saying’ — BBC Three compares royal wedding crowd to Trump’s inauguration

The prince and princess hadn't even said their vows before BBC Three — the edgy BCC — tried to start some trans-Atlantic drama.


Melania Trump released from hospital, returns to White House in 'high spirits'

The first lady spent five nights at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for a procedure to treat a benign kidney condition.


Texas official says fewer doors could mean fewer school shootings. Experts weigh in.

Washington Post

The remark by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, echoing some of National Rifle Association positions, quickly became a punchline about how Republicans would rather restrict doors than guns.


One killed, two injured in shooting after Georgia high school graduation, report says

The shooting occurred in a parking lot following an argument as families were leaving the graduation ceremony.


Woman killed in school bus crash was fifth-grade teacher


Two people were killed in the accident on Interstate 80 in Mount Olive Township around 10:20 a.m. Thursday.

Dallas County candidate admits plan to reward his children who marry white, straight Christians

Washington Post

The former Dallas County judge facing allegations of racist behavior admits to incentivizing his children to marry within their race.

At Texas vigil, another school mourns another mass shooting: 'It is hope in the face of tragedy that brings us together today'

Washington Post

In the wake of another mass shooting at a U.S. school, Santa Fe High School students stay “Texas Tough” while mourning the 10 who were killed Friday.


Alleged school killer Dimitrios Pagourtzis had a fondness for trench coats and a growing darkness

Washington Post

He had no run-ins with police and was an honor roll student. Police say he killed 10 people in his high school, the latest in a string of mass shootings.

A teenager wanted to talk about gun control. Would anyone in her town listen?


In conservative Gillette, Wyo., a young advocate finds her voice.

Acupuncture is a popular offering at fertility clinics, but it doesn't improve fertility, study says


The study compared acupuncture with “sham acupuncture” and found it did not make a difference for women undergoing in vitro fertilization.

From Meghan Markle to Rosario Dawson: How I learned to love my 'ethnic ambiguity'


Being a Latina with a Greek last name, I always get the question: “What are you?"


A Santa Fe shooting survivor's reaction has shaken people around the country

Washington Post

“It's been happening everywhere,” Santa Fe High School shooting survivor Paige Curry said with a shrug.

A perk for friends of the Zinkes: Guided tours through National Park Service sites


The interior secretary and his wife have arranged special visits to parks and historic destinations.

With a Trump hat and a pistol, man shows up at school shooting scene to 'make America great again'

With a pistol holstered on his hip and an American flag in his hand, the man, who was wearing a Trump hat, spoke briefly to reporters gathered at Santa Fe High School, saying he was there to offer support.

A scientist calculated the ludicrous strength of Marvel villain Thanos


Along the way, he theorized two new forms of molecular carbon.

U.S. plans to provide several million dollars for Ebola outbreak in Congo


The United States is also sending personnel from the CDC and equipment from the USAID.


Former Playboy centerfold falls to death with son after checking into New York hotel


“I can’t wrap my head around it ... to do this to a little boy. I don’t get it,” her former attorney said.

Trump to nominate acting Veterans Affairs secretary Robert Wilkie to be the agency's permanent leader

President Trump on Friday nominated the Department of Veterans Affairs’ acting secretary, Robert Wilkie, as its permanent leader, choosing a Washington insider to restore confidence in an agency roiled by political infighting. Wilkie, 55,…


Fake Facebook accounts and online lies multiply in hours after shooting

It has become a familiar pattern in the all-too-common aftermath of American school shootings: A barrage of online misinformation, seemingly designed to cloud the truth or win political points. But some were still surprised at the speed…