Thursday, May 24


He went out of town on business — and left his 1-year-old at home in a hot car, police say

The toddler, Katera Barker, died after being left in her father's hot car all day, police said.


She was having a baby. From her hospital bed, she officiated at the wedding of another patient also in labor.


A doctor appeared at her bedside and said, “I understand you have the ability to officiate weddings?”

Boxer Jack Johnson is posthumously pardoned by President Trump

President Trump granted a posthumous pardon Thursday to boxer Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight champion, who was jailed in 1913 for violating a Jim Crow-era law that made it illegal to transport a white woman across state lines…


Mapping the rising tide of suicide deaths across the United States


New data provides a detailed, county-level look at the rising toll of suicide.

A 'deranged' woman trapped her 2 toddlers on a ledge. Watch the police rescue.


“Just get the kids back inside!” Del Ray Police Officer Rob Addea said to the woman on the ledge.

As Hawaii’s Kilauea erupts, volcanologists swarm: ‘I expect great science from this event’

Washington Post

Scientists see real-time studies of the active volcano, which is threatening Hawaii’s Big Island, as an “amazing opportunity.”


A tropical storm is brewing, just in time to ruin your Memorial Day weekend


For almost a week, we have been watching a cluster of showers and thunderstorms in the Caribbean for signs it might develop into something more menacing. Now it seems that is likely within the next five days as it tracks north over the…


A rape victim was just awarded $1 billion. Jurors told her: 'You're worth something.'

Washington Post

In 2012, Hope Cheston was sexually assaulted by an armed security guard at an apartment complex near Atlanta while she was visiting a friend, according to court records. She was 14.


Six months. 5,700 miles. One ocean. Ben Lecomte wants to be first to swim across Pacific.

Twenty years ago, he swam across the Atlantic Ocean. This time, he'll have to survive sharks and the world's largest trash collection.

Elon Musk floats website where journalists and editors would get ‘credibility score’

What began as frustrated swipes at the press during earnings calls last year blossomed into full-blown fury when the billionaire inventor lashed out against the “holier-than-thou” media on Twitter.


Milwaukee police release ‘disturbing’ video of Bucks player’s arrest

Rookie Sterling Brown was arrested in January and will reportedly file a civil rights lawsuit over the incident.


Sessions taps Zachary Terwilliger to lead high-profile Va. U.S. Attorney’s Office


The office is at the center of some of the Justice Department's biggest cases, including the WikiLeaks investigation.


What the NFL’s new rules for anthem protests really mean for the First Amendment, according to experts

Washington Post

Since it was announced Wednesday, the NFL’s new policy requiring players to stand for the national anthem on the field or wait in the locker room, has done little to quell the debate that has grown into one of the country’s most divisive…


Chicago said closing nearly 50 schools would help kids in 2013. A new report says it didn’t.

Officials promised that academic performance would improve when nearly 12,000 kids were moved over five years. Here's what happened.


Houston police chief 'hit rock bottom' after Santa Fe shooting. Then came a nasty feud with the NRA.

Washington Post

"Blah, blah, blah” is how Police Chief Art Acevedo described Dana Loesch's comments about him on NRATV.

The Border Patrol tries to win over Hispanic communities — by singing love songs in Spanish

Something very, very different is going on at the U.S.-Mexico border.


Trump Twitter ruling: What it takes to get blocked by the president

Washington Post

The tweets that got users barred from Trump's Twitter and produced a novel First Amendment court ruling.


'Astounding ignorance of the law': Civil rights groups slam DeVos for saying schools can report undocumented students

When pressed for her position on immigration enforcement during a House committee hearing, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said the question of whether school administrators could call ICE was a local community decision.

She said she was sexually assaulted by a state trooper. His camera footage shows otherwise.

It is not clear whether the Texas woman will face criminal charges for her accusations, which spread on social media.


Younger white and Hispanic women have higher rates of lung cancer than men do

The change cannot be fully explained by gender differences in smoking behavior, according to researchers.


A robot submarine found the ‘Holy Grail of shipwrecks.’ It could be worth billions.

Washington Post

The San José, which sunk off the coast of Colombia in 1708, stands as one of the most expensive maritime losses in history.

Wednesday, May 23


As a Navy SEAL receives the Medal of Honor, frustrations remain about a related case

Britt Slabinski received the award for actions in 2002, but the status of a Medal of Honor case for a U.S. airman who served with him is unclear.


A couple went on a dream fishing trip in Iceland — and were swept into icy waters and died

Brian Schumacher and Janet Veit had been posting photos from their adventures — showing the pair posing behind a cutout of Viking explorers or simply capturing their view of a breathtaking waterfall. The Minnesota couple, who were both fly…

30-something and still living at home? You’re not alone.

The case of an Upstate New York man evicted by his parents seems to have struck a chord as an extreme example of a phenomenon demographers have been tracking for years: growing rates of young adults, particularly young men, living in their…


New satellite’s weather-monitoring tool is not working properly, NOAA says

It’s only been a few weeks since operators moved NOAA’s newest satellite into position in space and started testing its data, but a problem was immediately apparent. The satellite’s primary weather-monitoring instrument — the Advanced…

In an internal memo, the White House considered whether to ‘ignore’ federal climate research

White House officials last year weighed whether they should develop “a coherent, fact-based message about climate science,” according to a memo obtained by The Washington Post.

Trump administration moves to end a ban on Alaska hunting practices that many say are cruel


Under the Obama administration, the National Park Service said Alaska rules that allow shooting caribou from motorboats and airplanes, killing bear cubs with their mothers and shooting wolf pups in their dens were illegal on federal lands…


Two senators say their identities were stolen in fake net neutrality comments to the FCC

Sens. Patrick Toomey and Jeff Merkley want the FCC to disclose how many fraudulent comments it received in the run-up to the vote to dismantle net neutrality.