Monday, May 21


Spain to Maintain Direct Rule Over Catalonia

The restive Catalonia region has a new leader but Spain’s prime minister has maintained direct rule, prolonging the tense relationship between Catalan separatists and the central government.


The Euro's Headache: Growth, Not Italian Politics


Italy is back in the headlines and the euro is falling, giving up all its gains and more against the dollar this year. But while the formation of an antiestablishment government in Rome is a headwind, there are bigger forces at work: the…


U.K. Court Dismisses Charges Against Barclays Over Qatari Capital Raise

Barclays said a British court dismissed charges brought against the bank over its emergency fundraising from Middle Eastern investors during the financial crisis.


Lifting Trump's Playbook Is Risky for Europe

With relations between the U.S. and the European Union at their lowest ebb in 70 years, European leaders are ramping up the rhetoric. But there are risks in raising the rhetorical stakes.

U.K. Finance Industry Pushes for Immigration Overhaul After Brexit

A banking and finance trade body said the City’s ability to attract talent was at risk from proposed tougher entry rules after Brexit.

Sunday, May 20


The Long and Difficult Road to a U.S.-U.K. Trade Deal

Politicians on both sides of the Atlantic, including President Donald Trump, have spoken enthusiastically about a U.S.-U.K. free-trade deal. But a report suggests that such a deal wouldn’t be quick or easy.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding Gives British Pageantry a Modern Glow



Pope Francis Continues to Boost Diversity in College of Cardinals

stefano rellandini/Reutersstefano rellandini/Reutersstefano rellandini/Reutersstefano rellandini/Reutersstefano rellandini/Reutersstefano rellandini/ReutersPope Francis Continues to Boost Diversity in College of Cardinals


Iran Uses Nuclear Pact to Bargain With EU Over U.S. Sanctions

Iran promised to uphold the pact curbing its nuclear activities if the EU can offset renewed U.S. sanctions, senior officials said, advocating an approach that would widen a deepening schism between Washington and Brussels.


Greece Steps Closer to Completing Bailout Review

Greece and its international creditors have reached an initial agreement on the reforms Athens must adopt thus paving the way for the completion of the bailout review, the country’s last after an eight-year bailout regime.

Saturday, May 19


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding Isn't Just a Modern Love Story. It Marks a More Modern Monarchy

https://www.wsj.com/video/royal-wedding-how-will-meghan-markle-adapt-to-life-in-britains-monarchy/B7284D6A-A9B1-4E09-915E-07F26A5D98E4.htmlhttps://www.wsj.com/articles/british-royal-weddings-through-the-ages-1526663975Eddie Mulholland…

Friday, May 18


Poisoned Ex-Russian Spy Is Discharged From U.K. Hospital

The former Russian spy who was poisoned in the U.K. more than two months ago has been released from the hospital, officials said, after a nerve-agent attack that has inflamed tensions with Russia.

Thursday, May 17


Merkel, Macron Try to Preserve Iran Deal Without Provoking U.S.

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel ruled out actions that could put the European Union and the U.S. into a trade war over Iran sanctions, laying bare the limits of Europe’s ability to salvage the 2015…


Macedonia, Greece Close to Ending Decades-Old Dispute Over Name

Greece and its neighbor, Macedonia, are close to resolving a decades-old dispute that has prevented the small Balkan country from joining the European Union, creating a rare bright spot in a region where hopes of joining the bloc remain…


Italy's Ambitious Debt Plan Sparks Disbelief Among Investors

Not long ago this week’s radical draft for a new Italian governing coalition would have sent markets into meltdown. Dubious investors stayed cool but were shaken out of complacency about political risks, Simon Nixon writes.


European Leaders Vent Over Trump Policies

https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-says-mexico-does-nothing-for-us-1526516094Virginia Mayo/Associated PressVirginia Mayo/Associated PressVirginia Mayo/Associated PressVirginia Mayo/Associated PressVirginia Mayo/Associated PressVirginia…

Wednesday, May 16


Zuckerberg to Meet European Officials Next Week

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will meet with French President Emmanuel Macron and other European officials next week, as the Silicon Valley giant tries to calm tension with regulators and policy makers on both sides of the Atlantic.


'Rules of Origin' Risk Tripping Up Trade Post-Brexit

‘Rules of origin,’ already a major issue in Nafta negotiations, could determine which products will be allowed to enter the European Union tariff-free after Brexit because of the U.K.’s important role in many continent-spanning assembly…

Tuesday, May 15


German Economy Loses Luster as Global Tensions Bite

Europe’s largest economy cooled sharply in the first quarter amid a drop in government spending and weak exports – a sign that a stronger euro and global tensions are beginning to leave a mark on the German economy.


Greek High Court Keeps Alive Case Tied to Debt Crisis

Greece’s Supreme Court rejects dropping charges against the former statistics agency head, in a case tied to its debt crisis.


Italian Parties Seek More Time to Form Government

Two large Italian antiestablishment parties, 5 Star Movement and the League, sought more time to complete a pact to form a governing coalition and settle on the name of a prime minister, stalling the formation of a new government.

Monday, May 14


The Three Challenges the EU Faces in the Western Balkans

The Western Balkans has re-emerged as one of the European Union’s most pressing security challenges amid ethnic tensions, unresolved border disputes, organized crime and growing Russian influence in the region.

Italy's 5 Star, League Reach Deal to Govern Nation

https://www.wsj.com/articles/italys-politics-fail-to-rattle-its-financial-markets-1526063711max rossi/Reutersmax rossi/Reutersmax rossi/Reutersmax rossi/Reutersmax rossi/Reutersmax rossi/ReutersItaly Shakes Europe’s Establishment as…


Paris Attacker Was Flagged as Potential Terror Risk

A French national of Chechen origin stabbed a person to death in central Paris and wounded four others before being killed by police, in an assault that investigators are treating as a terrorist attack.

Sunday, May 13


Irish Antiabortion Supporters Rally Ahead of Vote

Niall Carson/Zuma PressNiall Carson/Zuma PressNiall Carson/Zuma PressNiall Carson/Zuma PressNiall Carson/Zuma PressNiall Carson/Zuma PressIrish Antiabortion Campaigners Rally Ahead of Eighth Amendment Referendum

Saturday, May 12


P.F. Chang's Brings Sort-of Chinese Food to China

Dave Tacon for the Wall Street JournalDave Tacon for the Wall Street JournalDave Tacon for the Wall Street JournalDave Tacon for the Wall Street JournalDave Tacon for the Wall Street JournalDave Tacon for the Wall Street JournalP.F.…


Italy's Politics Fail to Rattle Its Financial Markets

A likely government coalition, once considered a threat to the Italian economy and the eurozone itself, hasn’t stopped its stocks and bonds from outperforming.

Friday, May 11


European Officials Look to Blunt Impact of Renewed U.S. Sanctions on Iran

Senior French and German officials said they were looking to help European firms escape the brunt of the reimposition of U.S. sanctions on Iran.

Thursday, May 10


After 50 Years, a Pope's Birth-Control Message Still Divides Catholics

Even in traditional strongholds, many ignore the “Humanae Vitae” encyclical’s prohibitions on birth control, while some leaders stay silent on new interpretations.


BOE Bullish on U.K. Economy as It Leaves Rates Unchanged

The Bank of England still expects to raise its key interest rate over the coming years, saying that a slowdown in economic growth during the first three months of the year was probably not as severe as first estimated.