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Police Need Warrant for Phone Location Data, Supreme Court Rules

Police must get a search warrant before obtaining data showing the location of cellphone users, the Supreme Court ruled, the third in a string of decisions that limit law enforcement’s access to the most intimate details of citizens’…

Title IX Cases Get Faster Review Under Trump


The Trump administration has been closing Title IX gender-discrimination complaints against universities and colleges at a significantly faster clip than Obama officials, Education Department data show.

Pentagon Had Spurned U.S. Space Force, Prompting Trump's Decree


President Trump’s call for a space force resulted from frustration over what he felt was a lack of action on his suggestions about the topic.

A Generation of Americans Is Entering Old Age the Least Prepared in Decades

Low incomes, paltry savings, high debt burdens, broken family structures, failed insurance—the U.S. is upending decades of progress in securing life’s final chapter. According to a Wall Street Journal tally, more than 40% of households led…

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Trump's Order on Migrant Families Sends Administration Scrambling


President Donald Trump’s latest order on immigration puts heavy demands on federal agencies, which have been struggling to interpret the president’s directives.


Republicans Follow Trump's Lead, Every Twist and Turn

President Donald Trump’s border policy backtrack left his fellow Republicans with a choice: flip their own positions or stand firm. It was an easy decision; they changed. But the move carries risks.

For Millions of Hacked Federal Employees, New Fears of Identity Theft


New worries about identity theft arose for more than 21 million people affected by a 2014 data breach at the Office of Personnel Management, after a Maryland couple pleaded guilty to charges involving fraudulent car loans.


Top U.S., Russian Energy Officials to Meet Next Week


Energy Secretary Rick Perry will host Russia’s energy minister next week, putting the top energy officials from the world’s largest oil and gas producers together at a time when ties between the countries are under the spotlight.


E-Verify, Guest-Worker Terms Return to Center of Immigration Fight


House Republicans are seeking to reach a deal on two additional immigration policies, E-Verify and a new agricultural guest worker program, this weekend in an effort to save a broader bill that continues to divide their members.


Michigan State to Fund $500 Million Sex-Abuse Settlement Through Bonds


Michigan State University will pay for its $500 million settlement with survivors of Larry Nassar’s sex abuse through proceeds from a bond offering.


Trump Threatens 20% Tariff on European Cars

President Trump threatened tariffs on European Union-made cars, citing barriers to American exports and the need for incentives to move production to the U.S.


Lyme Disease: An Even Bigger Threat Than You Think


Lyme disease is a common tick-borne illness, but its actual number of cases way outstrips the official case count. That’s a problem because public-health authorities formulate prevention strategies and allocate resources.

Trump Says Republicans Should Stop 'Wasting Time' on Immigration



Trump's Order to End Separation Sows Confusion at Border

Changing, competing and contradictory explanations of the administration’s immigration policy spread confusion from Washington, D.C., to the Mexican border, leaving front-line law-enforcement and social-service agencies unsure of what will…


Supreme Court Rules States Can Collect Sales Tax on Web Purchases

States can require online retailers to collect sales taxes, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday, closing a loophole that gave web sellers an edge over conventional stores, resulting in some $34 billion a year in uncollected funds.

Friday, Jun 22

The Immigration Issue in Eight Charts

Tens of thousands of unaccompanied children and families cross the Mexican border into the U.S. every year. Most of the migrants hoping to stay in the country must wait for their day in immigration court. Here is a look at the numbers.

U.S. Military Aircraft Targeted by Lasers in Pacific Ocean, Officials Say

Lasers have targeted pilots of American military aircraft operating over the Pacific Ocean more than 20 times in recent months, U.S. officials say, following a series of similar incidents in which Pentagon officials said Chinese personnel…

House Postpones Vote on Immigration Bill Until Next Week

Republican leaders delayed until next week a vote on an immigration bill designed to be a compromise between the party’s moderates and conservatives, amid concerns over whether the legislation had enough support to pass.

U.S. Retirement Programs Strain Amid Retiree Growth

Joe Giddens/PA Wire/Zuma PressJoe Giddens/PA Wire/Zuma PressJoe Giddens/PA Wire/Zuma PressJoe Giddens/PA Wire/Zuma PressJoe Giddens/PA Wire/Zuma PressJoe Giddens/PA Wire/Zuma PressGrowth in Retiring Baby Boomers Strains U.S. Entitlement…

Thursday, Jun 21

Trump Orders Migrant Families Be Detained Together

President Trump directed his administration to try to detain asylum-seeking families together, a reversal after weeks in which he insisted he had no choice but to separate children and adults who cross the border.

VA's Acting Secretary, Watchdog Fight Over Whistleblower Records

The VA’s inspector general, Michael Missal, is seeking access to VA documents in an inquiry about whistleblower complaints, while the department’s acting secretary, Peter O’Rourke, has accused Mr. Missal of overreach.

Companies Race to Top Off Pension Plans to Capitalize on Tax Break

Companies with underfunded pensions have a rare opportunity to score a tax break in the coming months.

Migrants at Border Relieved Over U.S. Policy Shift After Long Journeys

Most Central Americans and Mexicans seeking asylum and new lives were worried but not deterred by the threat of separation from their children by Trump administration policy, even before it was changed.

Wednesday, Jun 20

Senators Decry 'Serious Flaws' in Execution of Trump Trade Policy

Republican and Democratic lawmakers criticized the Trump administration’s attempts to implement its new “America First” trade policy, saying they have been flooded with complaints by confused small business constituents.

Sexual-Abuse Allegation Against Cardinal Found Credible


The Catholic Church said Wednesday that it found an allegation of sexual abuse by a former archbishop of Washington, D.C., to be credible and that the retired priest will stop practicing his ministry.

White House Sees an Edge in Trade Dispute With China

President Donald Trump’s escalation of trade threats against China reflects his belief that Washington increasingly has the upper hand in the dispute, administration officials said, adding he is prepared to withstand pressure from U.S.…

Trump Sidesteps Family Separations in Talks With GOP

President Trump urged House Republicans to pass a broad bill legislation but stopped short of telling them he would immediately reverse a widely condemned policy that has separated migrant children from their parents.

Tuesday, Jun 19

New Rule to Expand Access to Health Plans Without ACA Protections

Millions of small businesses and self-employed people will be able to buy health-insurance plans exempt from many Affordable Care Act consumer protections under a rule released by the Trump administration.

Trump Defends Family-Separation Policy

The Trump administration sought to blame Congress for the new policy of separating some migrant families and said only lawmakers could change it as part of an immigration overhaul, but Republicans and Democrats remained far apart on any…

Nashville Residents Fear It Is the Next Atlanta

https://www.wsj.com/articles/maine-keeps-battling-over-medicaid-expansion-1529361736?tesla=yhttps://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-calls-for-space-force-in-major-military-revamp-1529351726?tesla=yWilliam DeShazer for The Wall Street…

Supreme Court Sidesteps Major Legal Issues in Gerrymandering Cases


The Supreme Court dodged the question of how far legislative majorities can go to entrench their power by drawing favorable electoral districts, dealing a blow to political minorities who say that partisan gerrymanders deprive them of fair…

Monday, Jun 18

Are the Tax Cuts Working? What to Watch in 12 Charts

Mike Theiler/Press PoolMike Theiler/Press PoolMike Theiler/Press PoolMike Theiler/Press PoolMike Theiler/Press PoolMike Theiler/Press PoolMike Theiler/Press PoolMike Theiler/Press PoolMike Theiler/Press PoolMike Theiler/Press PoolMike…

Immigration Pressure Builds on Republicans

A Trump administration policy of separating immigrant children from adults at the border is putting pressure on Republicans and threatening to engulf broader negotiations about dealing with those already in the U.S. illegally.

Trump Adviser Roger Stone Now Recalls 2016 Meeting With Russian

The GOP strategist didn’t disclose the meeting in his testimony before congressional investigators in September, but he is now alerting House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes about the encounter.

FBI's Peter Strzok Agrees to Appear Before Lawmakers


FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was sharply criticized by the inspector general last week for sending anti-Trump text messages, has agreed to appear before congressional committees that invite him to testify, his lawyer said in a letter.