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Newly discovered dinosaur may have been a last gasp for its species – study

Iani smithi lived some 99 million years ago, researchers said, adding that its most striking feature was its powerful jaw.


Scientists discover lost world of early ancestors in billion-year-old rock

Researchers suggest the organisms could have been the first predators on Earth.


Scientists discover first ever ‘virgin birth’ in a crocodile

The lone female produced an egg that contained a fully formed foetus.


How prehistoric timber ‘totem pole’ discovery may shed new light on Stonehenge origins

The oldest decorated wooden object ever found in Britain has been discovered near Stonehenge


Do yoga to cut cancer risk, say scientists

New study assessed the effect of ‘soft’ yoga on the markers of inflammation in the body associated with the disease


Timber discovered by chance in Britain believed to be more than 6,000 years old carved wood

The piece of oak was discovered lying in peat during the construction of an outbuilding at a property in Berkshire


Timber recovered from trench believed to oldest carved wood found in Britain

The piece of oak was discovered lying in peat during the construction of an outbuilding at a property in Berkshire.

Tuesday, Jun 6


Psychedelic drugs to treat depression without causing hallucinations may finally be near

Findings may lead to new fast and long-lasting antidepressants, scientists say


Study shows just how much toxic air office plants can remove in a single work day

‘This is the first time plants were tested for their ability to remove petrol-related compounds’

Monday, Jun 5


Taking oestrogen pills for menopause ‘may increase risk of high blood pressure’

A study found that oral oestrogen was associated with a 14% higher risk of high blood pressure compared with oestrogen creams.


Brisk walking or gardening could counteract genetic risk of diabetes – study

The findings suggest physical exercise should be promoted as a major strategy for prevention of type 2 diabetes.


Testing for ‘zombie cells’ could boost number of hearts for transplant – study

Currently hearts from donors aged over 65 are not accepted for donation due to the likelihood of a poor outcome.

Saturday, Jun 3


New blood test for 50 types of cancer sparks hope of ‘revolutionary’ breakthrough

Study’s results could mean blood test has potential to spot and rule out cancer in people with symptoms


Polymer knee joint ‘could improve quality of life of osteoarthritis patients’

The prosthetic knee technology, called PEEK-OPTIMA, has been developed by Invibio.

Friday, Jun 2


Alcohol dependency in adolescence linked with depression risk – study

Researchers also found that drinking large amounts of alcohol regularly did not predict the risk of depression.

Wednesday, May 31


Blood thinners do not reduce miscarriage risk, new study suggests


Researchers are advising doctors to stop offering the blood thinner Low Molecular Weight Heparin (heparin) to patients with inherited thrombophilia.

Brown fat breakthrough could lead to new obesity treatments, study suggests


Research is the first to reveal the molecular structure of a protein that allows good fat to burn off calories as heat.


Researchers find 4,000-year-old plague DNA – the oldest evidence of the disease in Britain


Francis Crick Institute scientists identified three cases of Yersinia pestis, the bacteria causing the plague in human remains at two burial sites

Tuesday, May 30


Researchers find 4,000-year-old plague DNA – the oldest cases to date in Britain


Francis Crick Institute scientists identified three cases of Yersinia pestis, the bacteria causing the plague in human remains at two burial sites.

Monday, May 29


Archaeologists discover ancient Egyptian mummification workshops complete with stone beds and embalming tools


Separate workshops found at necropolis site were likely used to preserve humans and sacred animals


Study to examine effects of social media and technology on mental health in young people


Scientists from Heriot-Watt University, alongside others, are behind the research


UK researchers working to uncover mysteries of the deep sea


The researchers suspect a couple of the samples retrieved from the voyage to may be examples of species not previously known to science

Friday, May 26


Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain chip company says it now has FDA approval for human testing


Brain chip firm has reportedly killed about 1,500 animals, including over 280 sheep, pigs and, monkeys


Scientists create ‘life-saving’ AI that predicts if cancer will spread


London-based scientists develop programme to show signs of cancer

Scientists use AI to discover new antibiotic against deadly hospital superbug


‘AI methods afford us the opportunity to vastly increase the rate at which we discover new antibiotics’


AI model may predict if aggressive breast cancer will spread, research suggests


More than 8,000 women in the UK are diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer every year.

Thursday, May 25


Chinese archaeologists find WWII bio-weapons lab run by Japanese scientists: ‘Horror bunker’


Findings highlight legacy of gruesome war crimes committed by Japanese military scientists during second world war


Plant-based diets may be linked to lower cholesterol levels – study


Eating a vegetarian or vegan diet from an early age could reduce the risk of heart disease caused by blocked arteries, researchers suggest.