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What is a heat pump and how does it work? Air and ground source pumps explained, and how much they cost


Ministers have said a new £5,000 grant will make heat pumps cost a similar amount to gas boilers

When is the next full moon? October 2021 ‘Hunter’s Moon’ date, and lunar calendar in full


The lunar cycle means that the full moon tends to fall on slightly different date from month to month - here are all the key dates for 2021

Gas boiler ban explained: What to do when boilers are banned from 2035 and how £5,000 heat pump grant works


Homeowners will be offered a grant worth up to £5,000 to switch from gas boilers to more energy-efficient heat pumps


What is COP26? When climate change summit starts in Glasgow and what the nations aim to achieve


World leaders will descend on Glasgow in a fortnight’s time but what does COP26 have to deliver to be judged a success? Madeleine Cuff asks faith leaders, business experts, campaigners and politicians...

COP26 road closures map: How climate change summit affects travel in Glasgow and which roads are closing


A series of road closures have been put in place to calm traffic in and around Glasgow while the summit takes place to calm traffic

Winter fuel payment 2021: How to apply for the DWP allowance, when it’s paid and what age you have to be


The Winter Fuel Payment, which is usually referred to as a 'heating allowance', is an annual tax-free payment from the Department of Work and Pensions


North Korea launches submarine-launched ballistic missile into waters surrounding Japan


The latest missile launch is one of a string of weaponry tests conducted by North Korea in recent months - many in violation of international sanctions

How to reduce climate change by changing your food habits: What you can eat to protect the planet


Making key changes to your diet and cutting food waste can reduce greenhouse gases, writes Madeleine Cuff

Pakistan’s Taliban problem: By encouraging insurgency in Afghanistan has Pakistan stoked militancy at home?


In Pakistan’s rugged tribal regions along the Afghan border, a persistent warning is circulating: the “other” Taliban is returning.

iPod 20th anniversary: How Apple’s gadget changed the way people listen to music but quickly became superseded


The iPod revolutionised how people experienced music – but soon the idea of a personal collection of songs seemed obsolete. David Woode charts its evolution and considers why he still loves the click wheel

Major UK vegetable producer forced to deliver less food to shops due to HGV and supply chain crisis


Alfred G Pearce has streamlined its operation, including cutting the number of days it delivers food, after produce was left to rot at depots

‘I’m 34 and want children but having Huntington’s disease means I might never get old’


At first, Victoria Mullins’s father was diagnosed. But her family quickly learned that the gene for the disease has a 50/50 chance of being passed on.


Covid has ‘wiped out one in three music jobs’ as opera singer forced to work in Lidl supermarket


UK Music says 69,000 people, including freelance musicians and those working in live music, have left the industry since the pandemic hit

Monday, Oct 18


Microsoft warned Bill Gates to stop sending ‘flirty’ emails to employee but took no action against him


Microsoft said that 'flirtatious' emails from Mr Gates were 'not overtly sexual' but were 'inappropriate'

The Trick, BBC1, review: Show this valiant Climategate film to COP26 summit delegates


Jason Watkins's portrayal of climatologist Phil Jones, wrongly accused in a hacked-email plot, humanises a complex subject - but the ending doesn't satisfy

Homeowners offered £5,000 grants to switch from gas boilers to electric heat pumps


Green groups warn the scheme will only see 90,000 heat pumps installed, well short of official targets


Facebook ‘failed to agree on importance of Honduran policitical manipulation’ says whistleblower Sophie Zhang


Sophie Zhang, a former data scientist at Facebook, says the company could not agree on the significance of a false political inflation campaign in Honduras

Budget 2021: Rishi Sunak seeks to boost green finance to balance out cut to energy prices through lower VAT


The Chancellor has designed a new framework to ensure that investors are able to channel their funds to sustainable businesses

Ban anonymous social media accounts under ‘David’s Law’, murdered MP’s friend says


Tory backbencher Mark Francois said Facebook and Twitter chiefs should be 'dragged kicking and screaming' to the bar of the Commons to explain how they intend to crack down on online hate

Ayr explosion: Three hospitalised as huge blast on housing estate collapses house


Police Scotland have advised people to stay away from the scene after an explosion was reported to have "flattened" two houses in the residential area of Kincaidston


David Amess: The UK’s ‘deep’ ties with Qatar as police investigate MP’s links with Gulf state


Sir David was chairman of the all-party parliamentary group on Qatar and has made several trips to the Gulf state in recent years

Apple reintroduces HDMI port, SD card slot and MagSafe charger in new MacBook Pro


Apple has seemingly responded to customer demand by reintroducing connections it ditched years ago in its latest 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros

Laughter, tears but most of all cheers as the Commons paid fitting tribute to Sir David Amess


It fell to his fellow Essex MPs to capture best the gentle style but determined politics of one of their own


Defiant MPs vow to keep up face-to-face meetings despite killing of Sir David Amess


Tory and Labour MPs say they want closer collaboration with police including weekly check-ins and the ability to request an officer's presence.

Covid-19 vaccines for children: Under-16s will be invited to walk-in centres in weeks after slow rollout


The original plan was for all children aged between 12 and 15 to be offered the Covid-19 jab through their school

Colin Powell: The general who rued the Iraq war, but retained some integrity after ditching the Republicans


Powell’s switch from soldier to statesman happened in 2000 when president George W Bush made him the first black US Secretary of State


Labour MP Margaret Hodge says she needed panic button for meetings after ‘worrying incidents’


The 77-year-old also revealed she was warned not to attend Labour’s conference alone last month

Parents say medics could have saved their son’s life had he seen GP face-to-face


The University of Leeds student made five 'shambolic' calls to NHS 111 after which he deteriorated dramatically

How Sir David Amess’s tireless campaign for city status became his posthumous gift to Southend


The failure to declare the Thames Estuary town with the largest population in East England a city was source of enduring puzzlement to its murdered MP - and an aberration which he rarely missed an opportunity to argue must be put right


Cam Norrie: Indian Wells winner is ‘great example’, says Andy Murray as low-key star becomes British No.1


Praising his rival Norrie, 26, who has become British number one, Murray, 34, said: 'I think he's a great example for not just British players but all tennis players'