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Rishi Sunak will accept a recession if necessary to get inflation rates down

Rishi Sunak has backed interest-rate hikes to calm inflation even if they increase the risk of the UK entering a recession.

Experts say AI could pose same risks as nuclear war and pandemics, says Sunak

The Prime Minister said he wanted to avoid ‘scaremongering’ about the risks posed by AI technology.

Sunak says he would let robots look after his grandmother and teach his children

Advances in technology have ‘improved our lives throughout time and will continue to do so’


Sunak accused of ‘bottling’ US baseball pitch by senior Tory

‘He bottled it – I bet you he bottled it’, says ex-Tory chairman Jake Berry


Watch: Dowden faces Rayner at PMQs as UK records highest inflation rates in G20

Watch as Oliver Dowden stands in for PMQs and takes questions from Angela Rayner on Wednesday 7 June.


Oliver Dowden jokes he will take ‘no lectures’ from SNP on wastefulness during PMQs

Oliver Dowden drew laughter from the government benches when he said he will “take no lectures on profligacy” from the SNP.

Sunak’s small boats drive won’t bring back Tory voters, says John Curtice

Focus on Channel migrants reminds voters of ‘dramatic failure’ of Brexit, says polling guru

Rayner says Dowden needs to ‘go back to school’ over ‘dire’ PMQs punchlines

Angela Rayner urged deputy prime minister Oliver Dowden to “go back to school” and improve his “dire” PMQs “punchlines” as the pair clashed in the House of Commons on Wednesday 7 June.


Revealed: ‘Stealth tax raid’ to hit almost 5m healthcare workers with higher bills

Exclusive: The government’s decision to freeze income tax and national insurance thresholds will cost health workers an additional £1.5billion per year, analysis shows


Chinese CCTV cameras that caught Hancock kiss to be banned

Climbdown over procurement law follows rebellion by senior Tory MPs

Sunak to raise concerns about Biden’s green subsidies

PM talks up anti-protectionist agenda ahead of meeting – insisting subsidy races are ‘zero sum’ game


Sunak says ‘stop the boats’ plan is ‘starting to work’ as he announces two new barges

PM accused of ‘self-congratulatory’ hubris – but insists his policies are acting as a deterrent rather than poor weather in Channel

Tuesday, Jun 6


Destruction of Ukraine dam a ‘new low’ if Russian forces responsible, Sunak says

Prime Minister said the immediate priority was the humanitarian response to the catastrophe, which has flooded villages and endangered crops.


I decide what’s relevant, says Covid inquiry chair in Boris WhatsApp row

Security experts to turn on Boris Johnson’s old phone in hunt for Whatsapps as row widens to the Foreign Office


AI could ‘kill many humans’ within two years, warns Sunak adviser

Stark warning comes as Rishi Sunak prepares to persuade Joe Biden of ‘grand plan’ to control artificial intelligence


EU member Slovenia overwhelmingly defeats Moscow ally Belarus for a seat on the UN Security Council

In an election reflecting opposition to Russia’s war against Ukraine, European Union member Slovenia has overwhelmingly defeated Moscow’s close ally Belarus for a seat on the U.N. Security Council starting in January

AI has potential to create ‘dystopia or utopia’, minister says

Paul Scully, minster for tech and digital economy, said the benefits of AI should not be overlooked.


Government and press both ‘at rock bottom’, says Prince Harry

Furious Tory MPs fire back at Harry’s ‘unwise’ comments – urging him to ‘stand for election’ if he wants to be a politician


We won’t repeat mistakes of coal pit closures with North Sea oil, Keir Starmer says

Labour leader pledges state investment in green jobs to replace fossil fuels


Watch as Keir Starmer speaks at GMB Union annual congress

Watch as Sir Keir Starmer delivers a speech at GMB Union congress on Tuesday 6 June.

Rishi Sunak hints he could overrule Lords on small boats bill

PM could use Parliament Act to ram legislation through – as peers threaten to delay his asylum crackdown


Sue Gray ‘cleared to join Labour in autumn’ in boost for Starmer

Calls for a ban on political role of more than 12 months rejected, amid Tory fury over ‘stitch up’


Sunak’s AI adviser warns tech could help produce killer weapons within two years

Matt Clifford said global regulation was needed to control AI and harness its capability for good purposes


£4.5bn lost to fraud and error across Covid employment scheme, finds report

Cross-party Public Accounts Committee laid bare a number of ‘repeated problems’ affecting governance

Monday, Jun 5


Sunak says ‘stop the boats’ plan is ‘starting to work’ as he announces two new barges

PM accused of ‘self-congratulatory’ hubris – but insists his policies are acting as a deterrent rather than poor weather in Channel


Refusal to hand over Covid WhatsApps based on ‘spurious nonsense’, top Tory MP says

Ministrs claim certain messages are ‘unambiguously irrelevant’ to Baroness Hallett’s inquiry


Matt Hancock told to apologise to MPs

Ex-cabinet minister was found to have breached code of conduct over Tory colleague’s case


Keir Starmer told banned mayor Jamie Driscoll: ‘There is more that unites us than divides us’ before deselecting him

Keir Starmer has been accused of waging a factional war against the Labour left


Covid lockdown benefits were ‘drop in the bucket’ compared to costs, study says

Johns Hopkins University study casts doubt on policy’s effectiveness


Cameron-Osborne austerity left UK ‘hugely unprepared’ for Covid, says report

NHS left ‘dangerously understaffed’, says TUC – as former PM and chancellor prepare for public hearings