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FTSE CRASH: UK markets in freefall as City battered by inflation crisis – traders panic


THE FTSE 100 has fallen by over 2 percent dropping 161 points as City traders panic over the inflation crisis battering the stability of financial markets.


Brussels gets personal: EU poised to directly target Brexiteer MPs in bitter revenge plot


EUROCRATS are poised to directly target Brexiteer MPs and Tory ministers in a bitter revenge plot over Britain's threats to scrap parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Brexit POLL: Should Britain be scared of a trade war with EU?


NORTHERN Ireland protocol negotiations could result in a trade war between the UK and the European Union. But should Britain be worried? Vote in our poll.

Boris Johnson contends with ‘civil war in Conservative party’ over cost of living measures


THE cost of living squeeze has split Boris Johnson's Government over what measures to take, Talk TV host JuliaHartley-Brewers observes.

Brits admire hard-working small business owners - but don't want to take risk themselves


More than half of Brits say they admire how hard-working small business owners are - but a quarter don't want the stress of becoming their own boss. A poll of 2,000 adults revealed almost one in four are too frightened of failure to take…


Musk backs Britain! Tesla CEO pumps £800k into start-up working to save the planet


ELON MUSK has backed a British start-up developing a machine to extract carbon dioxide from the air to combat climate change.

First Brexit trade deal with US on the brink of completion - and SIX more on the way


BRITAIN remains on track to sign the first of its US trade deals within the next two weeks.

‘Bitter and vindictive’ Eurocrats shamed for ‘targeting’ Brexit Britain in new punishment


EU CHIEFS have been savaged for acting "bitter and vindictive" after it emerged they are plotting to punish the UK over the Northern Ireland Protocol row.

'Potentially highest rise ever' - Pensioners told they may get ‘bumper increase’ next year


STATE PENSIONERS may be on track for a "bumper increase" but this will only kick in from next year.


Royal Mail set to increase costs of letters and parcels - despite profits increase


ROYAL MAIL has announced it will need to hike prices and slash costs to offset soaring inflation amid an "uncertain" outlook for the economy.

BT, Virgin Media and Sky broadband ranked in tough tests, do YOU agree with the results?


THE UK's biggest broadband suppliers including Virgin, Sky and BT have just been rated in the latest batch of rigorous tests from telecoms regulator Ofcom. Here are the winners and losers but do you agree with the results?

Inflation is a nightmare and the Bank of England is set to make it WORSE ‘Step up Sunak'


INFLATION hit an incredible nine percent in the year to April and pressure is growing on the Bank of England to hike base rates again to keep it under control.

Nokia has just made this budget phone even better value for money


NOKIA has just made one of its budget smartphones even better value for money, thanks to a new deal which throws in a freebie worth almost £40.


Oil prices surge: Cost for crude keeps ‘bullish trend’ amid fear over tight global supply


OIL PRICES soared on Thursday as they recovered from early losses, amid the lingering fears over tight global supplies, a news report stated.

Netflix could ban password sharing but there are other ways to save money on TV


NETFLIX is considering banning people from password sharing outside the family home but there are still ways to save money on TV costs, such as via a free TV licence.


'Out of control!' Boris slammed as visas issued to non-EU migrants reach record high


THE GOVERNMENT has been slammed after new data showed that visas issued to immigrants from outside the European Union reached a record high in 2021.


President Zelensky mocks Putin over Russia’s use of ‘wonder weapon’ lasers


PRESIDENT VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY has mocked Vladimir Putin following Russia's announcement on Wednesday that they are using new powerful laser weapons in the fight against Ukraine.


'Not legally permissible!' US concedes seizing Russian official assets not legal


US TRADE SECRETARY Janet Yellen has conceded that America does not have the legal authority to seize Russian central bank assets frozen due to Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine.


EU’s €2billion bombshell plan to support nations with oil ban may not sway Hungary


THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION has announced that €2billion will be spent on funding oil infrastructure to support landlocked countries remove themselves from their reliance on Russian crude oil.


Attorney General says ECJ should have no say on UK disputes over hated Brexit deal


THE ATTORNEY GENERAL has said the European Court of Justice should have no say on disputes within the United Kingdom amid growing tensions surrounding the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Pension warning as Britons could run out of money - state pension an ‘essential backstop'


BRITONS could run out of money in retirement, a study has warned, with the state pension providing a vital safety net.


Now EU sets out new plot for border row after 'unacceptable' Truss threat


MAROS SEFCOVIC plans to submit a series of proposals after branding Liz Truss's announcement "unacceptable".

Wednesday, May 18


‘We need to be careful’ Sunak urges caution over cost of living crisis measures


RISHI SUNAK has warned that tax reduction measures to address the cost of living crisis could "risk making the problem worse".


'Simple way to save' - TV licence customers could apply for free savings card


TV LICENCE holders could get savings cards to help them save up and stay ahead of their licence fees.


Pensioner on just state pension shocked after Scottish Power energy bill surges to £4,600


A WOMAN was shocked to find her energy bill had leaped from £120 to £4,600 per month, making her annual bill four times more than her income.

Foreign aid budget increase DEMANDED by Truss as Rishi pushed for new hike


LIZ TRUSS hinted she is pushing Rishi Sunak to rapidly increase the amount of foreign aid sent abroad, in the latest friction to emerge between the pair.


Daily Quordle 114 HINTS for May 18: Spoiler-free CLUES to help you with today's answer


QUORDLE fans can get a helping hand with today's puzzle by checking out Express Online's latest selection of spoiler-free hints for teaser 114 on May 18. Good luck!

Save over £100 on your Virgin Media, Sky, BT broadband bill with this simple trick


IF you're looking to save on your Virgin Media, Sky or BT broadband bill there's an easy way you can reduce your outgoings by over £100.

Labour in NEW election pact with Brexit-bashing Lib Dems to defeat Boris Johnson


LABOUR has told senior MPs not to campaign in an upcoming parliamentary by-election in order to help the Lib Dems beat the Tories, it has been claimed.


Boris Johnson u-turn? Prime Minister's subtle windfall tax hint in PMQs


A WINDFALL tax on energy companies could be on its way as Boris Johnson fails to rule out the one-off tax bill for energy companies.