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Republican senator calls Trump 'confused' and 'shameful' in summit with Putin


Republican Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake slammed President Donald Trump's Helsinki summit performance with Vladimir Putin as "shameful" and "confused."

Couple 'in disbelief' after finding woman at bottom of cliff

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A California couple described finding a car-crash victim who survived seven days at the bottom of an oceanside cliff.

Colbert says Trump's meeting with Putin should count as 'treason'


Colbert dedicated a two-part “double-stuffed Oreo” version of his opening monologue to Trump and Putin.

'Possible serial killer' nabbed in slayings is a parolee

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A parolee who cut off his ankle monitor is now suspected in connection to a series of murders in the Houston area has been arrested, police said.

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Heavy rain, severe storms move into Northeast


A cold front will move into the Interstate-95 corridor Tuesday afternoon with heavy rain and severe storms possible.


Firefighters struggle to contain deadly, rapidly growing wildfire

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The fire increased to 9,266 acres Monday, up from about 4,000 acres Sunday.


The Note: After Trump’s performance, what next?


Before the extraordinary press conference Monday, the German foreign minister said in an interview: "We can no longer fully rely on the White House."


4 of 5 teens in deadly rock-throwing case accept plea deals

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The four boys could have faced up to life in prison if convicted of murder.


Husband arrested for trying to kill his wife with ant poison: Police

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Eugene Pittman has been charged with attempted murder.


Trump tells Hannity Russians 'have no information on Trump'


The president told the TV host U.S.-Russia relations are now in better shape.


CVS Health apologizes after manager called 911 on black customer over coupon

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CVS Health apologized to an African-American woman Monday after employees of one of its Chicago stores accused her of using a counterfeit coupon and called the police

5 key moments from Trump and Putin on Russian-US election interference


Trump questions U.S. intelligence, saying he holds "both nation's responsible."

Senators dispute Trump's assessment of election hacking


Senators Mark Warner and Marco Rubio both criticized the President's perceived ambiguity on Russia's involvement in the 2016 election.


Judge temporarily halts deportation of reunified families


A federal judge has ordered a temporary halt to deportations of immigrant families who are reunited after being separated at the border

Lava bomb injures 23 on tour boat in Hawaii

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It punctured the roof of a tour boat in Hawaii Monday.


US intel chief stands by assessment of Russian meddling


The top U.S. intelligence official says assessments of Russian meddling in the 2016 election have been 'clear' and describes the Kremlin's efforts to undermine the United States' democracy as 'ongoing' and 'pervasive.'


Georgia mayor: Coin-flip arrest by officers 'inexcusable'


Georgia mayor says it was 'inexcusable and unprofessional' for police officers to use coin toss to decide arrest


City reviews 'no cotton' rule barring Muslim kids from pools


Delaware's biggest city is reviewing its rules after Muslim children were told to stay out of a municipal pool because of their clothing


Republicans have some of the most negative reactions to Trump-Putin news conference


The response from lawmakers to President Trump’s press conference with Russian president Vladimir Putin included especially critical statements coming from Republicans.


Trump casts doubt on US intelligence, calls Putin's meddling denial was 'strong'

Trump said he trusts the U.S. intelligence community, which has concluded that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. He also called Putin's denial strong.

Monday, Jul 16

London's high-flying Trump baby blimp may now be coming to New York City

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In four weeks, the United States will have two different Donald Trumps criss-crossing its skies - the President, and a giant baby blimp version of him.

Manhunt underway after deputy shot during traffic stop

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The deputy has been with the sheriff’s office for just over a year.

Senator calls Putin 'murderer,' 'crook' ahead of Trump meeting


Nebraska senator says Trump not operating from "position of strength."

Sunday, Jul 15

Trump, Putin mocked by Finnish newspaper billboards over freedom of the press


The largest newspaper in Finland, Helsingin Sandomat, is welcoming President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin with a series of critical billboards.

Ahead of Trump-Putin meeting, lack of preparation leads to low expectations: Sources


Planning was so rushed that key officials didn't convene, according to sources.

Former DNC chair to Trump ahead of Helsinki summit: 'Confront Mr. Putin'


The former chair said Trump needs to give Putin a copy of the indictment.

'I find it hard to believe' Putin didn’t know about Russian interference: Bolton


Vladimir Putin has repeatedly claimed it wasn't a Russian state effort.

Saturday, Jul 14

Trump-Putin meeting comes at low point for US-Russia relations


U.S.-Russia relations are at the lowest point since the Cold War.

What's at stake in Trump-Putin summit: ANALYSIS


Could better ties with Russia hurt the US relationship with western allies?

As Trump resumes attacks on press, critics warn of ripple effect of 'fake news' label


Trump opened a NATO meeting by saying good morning to the "fake-news media."

Roger Stone says he’s the 'US person' mentioned in Mueller indictment


Roger Stone acknowledged Friday that he is the unnamed Trump campaign regular who corresponded with Russian hackers who is described in a new indictment.

Friday, Jul 13

Mueller indicts 12 Russian intel officers for hacking Democrats


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the charges Friday.

Trump calls his own interview 'fake news,' slams changes from European immigration


The shocking Sun story puts the U.S.-U.K. "special relationship" to the test.

Special counsel pushing for info on Roger Stone, WikiLeaks, sources say


At least seven people associated with longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone have been contacted by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to interviews with witnesses.

FBI agent who sent anti-Trump texts defiantly fends off GOP attacks


Former FBI agent Peter Strzok testifies before a House panel Thursday as part of their look at the actions of FBI and Justice during the presidential campaign.

Thursday, Jul 12

Charges dropped against Stormy Daniels after strip club arrest

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Authorities dropped the charges against adult film star Stormy Daniels Thursday after she was taken into custody during a performance at a strip club in Ohio.

Trump doubled down on his demands during a closed-door meeting with leaders


President Trump again blasted NATO allies on Wednesday for not spending enough on defense and asked them to increase their spending from two to four percent of their GDP.

With all odds against them, here's how rescuers pulled off 'miracle' Thai cave feat

With all odds against them and time running out, an international rescue mission pulled off a miracle in Thailand.

Images emerge of Thai boys in hospital after being rescued from flooded cave

The rescue effort for the 12 boys who survived over two weeks inside a partly flooded cave in northern Thailand has switched to a treatment process.