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Brexiteer rebels REFUSE to drop demand for no-confidence vote to topple May

TORY Brexiteer rebels tonight refused to drop their demands for a no-confidence vote in Theresa May despite apparently failing to gather enough support to trigger the ballot.

BREXIT LIVE: May desperately defends EU Brexit plan - but Tory rebels insist she BACK DOWN

THERESA May has entered a critical week for her Brexit deal as she prepares to go on the offensive in Brussels amid widespread criticism at home.

'No deal, NO MONEY!' Brexiteer businessman claims no deal is only MASSIVE problem for EU

A NO-DEAL Brexit is “no problem” for Britain but could be a “massive problem” for the European Union who needs the UK’s £39billion Brexit bill, Brexiteer businessman and campaigner Richard Tice has warned.

Meghan Markle dazzles with baby bump as she joins Harry at Royal Variety Performance

MEGHAN Markle showed her prominent baby bump as she met celebrities attending the Royal Variety Performance, six months after her Royal Wedding with Prince Harry.

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'We have NOTHING!' British fishing boss ridicules EU and calls for NO DEAL Brexit NOW


EUROPE has “taken all” of Britain’s fish and left the UK fishing industry with “nothing”, Brexiteer fishing boss June Mummery has warned as she pleaded for Britain to have a hard Brexit and drop Prime Minister Theresa May's draft…


BREXIT SHOCK: Spain poised to SINK May's Brexit deal over Gibraltar - 'We CAN'T agree it!'

SPAIN has threatened to veto Brexit in a desperate bid to carve out Gibraltar from any future trade deal involving the European Union and United Kingdom.


‘UK will become a LAUGHING STOCK’ Blair KNIVES UK and tells France Brexit deal is CHAOS

TONY Blair has warned the draft Brexit deal will “not hold up” and is bad for both London and Brussels.

Lord Digby Jones predicts THIS Tory MP will take over from Theresa May as Prime Minister

PRIME Minister Theresa May would likely be succeeded by a certain “fresh face” politician at this specific moment of a Brexit agreement, claims Lord Digby Jones, who added he admires Mrs May’s “stoicism”.

Business chief's scathing attack on May's deal sparks JEERS as he tells her to rip it up

A BUSINESS chief was met with jeers and boos when he questioned the economic impact of Theresa May's Brexit deal following her speech at the Confederation of British Industry .


Adolf Hitler 'survived WW2 and LIVED in Argentina for 30 years' sparking FBI probe

ADOLF Hitler escaped his Berlin bunker at the end of World War Two and fled to Argentina, according to conspiracy theorists, and declassified FBI files reveal that his alleged getaway was seriously investigated by international security…


Tenerife CHAOS: Holidaymakers evacuated as 40ft wave destroys BALCONIES – car disappears

POWERFUL 40ft waves have destroyed balconies in Tenerife as the Canary Island storms forced people to evacuate their homes.

Furious Barnier reveals MAY asked for customs union as EU gets blamed for constraining UK

MICHEL Barnier has hit back at suggestions he has bullied Britain during the Brexit negotiations, insisting Theresa May asked for a future relationship to be based on a bare bones customs union.


'F****** RUBBISH' British fishermen FURY as EU single them out for Brexit 'punishment'

BRITISH fishermen vented their fury at the draft Brexit deal agreed between Theresa May and EU officials which they claim singles out fisheries for EU tariffs.

Meghan Markle in tax ‘nightmare’ causing crisis for Queen and Prince Charles

BUCKINGHAM PALACE is to recruit a firm of US financial consultants as aides struggle to deal with Meghan Markle's American tax "nightmare".


LONDON MELTDOWN: South West Trains chaos at Waterloo - 'DON'T TRAVEL' commuters warned

ALL lines between London Waterloo and Surbiton are blocked as more than 200 South Western Railway trains have been cancelled today.


Royal rebel! How Meghan's pregnancy inspired her to make THIS risky fashion statement

Meghan Markle has enjoyed the status of a fashion icon since long before her wedding to Prince Harry in May, but it is only since the announcement of her pregnancy that she has started to push the boundaries of Royal protocol, a fashion…


Marr SLAPS DOWN Shami Chakrabarti in TENSE interview – ‘Don’t you patronise me!’

BBC host Andrew Marr scathingly slapped down Labour peer Shami Chakrabarti on Sunday during a tense exchange on her support for Labour's plans to back Brexit despite rejecting the proposed withdrawal deal.

‘Seize the moment!’ MPs demand House of Lords URGENTLY axe 200 peers

THE House of Lords has been told by a committee of MPs it must urgently axe 200 peers in a move that would see the overall number plummet by a quarter.


May champions Brexit deal for the people – 'We will be FULLY in control of our borders'

THERESA May will go on the offensive in the Tory battle over Brexit by insisting her Brussels deal will return border controls to Britain.

Prince Charles birthday pictures: Cute Louis steals the show with playful 'Grandpa Wales'

THEY are the images which show the lighter side of “Grandpa Wales” at work, rest and play.

Sunday, Nov 18

Brussels piles misery on May: EU forces FISHING concessions from UK in trade declaration

EUROPEAN Union countries have forced more concessions out of Britain as they tell Theresa May there is no time for negotiations on her controversial divorce package.

Brexit WON'T get done! May issues DIRE warning to rebels threatening to bring her down

THERESA May issued a stark warning to Tory MPs threatening to topple her with a vote of no-confidence, suggesting a change of leadership at this "critical" time could "delay or frustrate Brexit".

Dominic Raab ATTACKS May for failure to stand up to EU BULLIES - 'No will or resolve'

THE FORMER Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab, has today fuelled the fire of Theresa May’s critics as he hit out at the Prime Minister for failing to stand up to a bullying European Union over the Brexit deal.

Theresa May on the BRINK: Senior Brexiteers hold 'secret' talks on replacement PM

SENIOR Brexiteers are in talks to decide who should replace Theresa May with a confidence vote expected this week.

Saturday, Nov 17

'Things moving ON MONDAY!' Brexiteer MP warns May 90 percent of Tories want her OUT

BREXITEER MP Nadine Dorries claimed Conservatives could announce a no confidence vote on Theresa May on Monday as she suggested "90 percent" of the party do not want the Prime Minister to remain in charge of the country.

'Greatest HOAX in history!' Farage tears apart key factor CORRALLING UK into 'WORST' deal

NIGEL Farage trashed claims a Brexit withdrawal deal could not be reached without including a backstop to avoid a hard border on the isle of Ireland, branding the suggestion the "greatest hoax in modern history."

‘They’ve never won anything’ - George Osborne’s STUNNING attack on anti-Brexit campaign

FORMER Chancellor George Osborne launched an extraordinary attack on the anti-Brexit ‘Britain Stronger In Europe’ campaign in the run-up to the 2016 EU membership referendum it has been revealed, as he claimed “they’ve never won anything…

Theresa May given SHOCK Cabinet ultimatum - change Brexit deal or we WILL resign

THE PRIME Minister has been given an extraordinary ultimatum by five Cabinet Ministers, who are threatening to resign within two weeks unless Theresa May makes three fundamental changes to her Brexit deal with the EU.

Friday, Nov 16

EXCLUSIVE EXPRESS POLL: Readers say NO to May’s Brexit deal as 86% REJECT plan

THERESA May’s Brexit deal has been overwhelmingly rejected by Express.co.uk readers, with an exclusive poll revealing 86 percent are against the Prime Minister’s plan.

EU BLUNDER: Michel Barnier made THIS serious 'strategic error' in Brexit talks

FORMER Tory minister Michael Portillo has said the European Union made a “strategic error” in Brexit talks by forcing Britain to make a “humiliating surrender”.

BREXIT LIVE: ‘IMPOSSIBLE!’ As May battles Cabinet, EU27 warn frictionless trade OFF TABLE

EUROPEAN Union ambassadors met this morning to plot Britain’s future relationship with the bloc and had one warning for the UK, frictionless trade will be “impossible.”

EXCLUSIVE: Do YOU back Theresa May’s Brexit deal? Vote NOW in our People’s Poll

THERESA May unveiled her 585-page Brexit deal on Wednesday which was finally backed by her Cabinet at a stormy five-hour meeting and she now faces a battle to get it through Parliament - but do you support the Prime Minister’s plan for the…

Thursday, Nov 15

May's deal will PASS: Strategist REVEALS why PM’s Brexit plan WILL get through the Commons

THERESA MAY’s Brexit deal will pass through the House of Commons because there is no alternative to her plans, a strategist has claimed.

Brexit deal opinion polls latest: THIS is how British public feel about Theresa May's deal

THERESA MAY has agreed on a Brexit deal with EU negotiators but has faced criticisms and Cabinet resignations in response. How does the British public feel about the Prime Minister’s deal?

Shock claim: GINA MILLER is 'the woman who SAVED Brexit'

ARCH-Remainer Gina Miller might have inadvertently helped save Brexit as it is only thanks to her battle for a "meaningful vote" in Parliament at the end of the negotiations that MPs will have the opportunity to vote down Theresa May's…

The moment Rees-Mogg puts final nail in May's coffin? Parliament falls DEATHLY silent

THE Commons fell silent on Thursday when prominent Tory backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg threatened Theresa May directly and claimed he will write a letter of no confidence in the Prime Minister over her controversial Brexit draft agreement.

Wednesday, Nov 14

BREXIT VICTORY! Or is it? May gains Cabinet support before deal slammed as 'UNACCEPTABLE'

THERESA May hailed a "decisive step" towards Brexit last night after narrowly winning the backing of her Cabinet for her draft deal with the EU.

Theresa May’s final Brexit deal agreed: All the key points EXPLAINED

Britain can only break free of temporary ties drawn up to stop a hard border in Ireland if Brussels also agrees, it emerged tonight.

Trump FURIOUS at May over Brexit: US president’s angry rant on Air Force One REVEALED

DONALD Trump raged at Theresa May during a phone call made on Air Force One, saying the Prime Minister had not done enough to intervene in Iran and criticised her over Brexit, it has been revealed.

BREXIT DEAL LIVE: Cabinet arrives at No10 to deliver judgement - Who will stick knife in?

THERESA May is preparing for the biggest war of her political career as Brexiteers prepare to completely derail the Brexit deal she has agreed with the European Union for Britain to exit the bloc.