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'Calais is panic-stricken!' IDS trashes Project Fear DOOMSDAY scenario for no deal Brexit

BREXITEER Iain Duncan Smith revealed European ports officials have been preparing for a long time for a Brexit no deal scenario arguing the Government will be able to smoothly switch to WTO rules as soon as March 2019.

UK weather forecast heatwave: UK facing HOTTEST temperatures for 100 years THIS WEEK

A SEARING blast of Continental heat will see Britain bake is some of the highest temperatures for more than 100 years this week.

Worcester ACID ATTACK: Boy, 3, seriously injured in 'PURE EVIL' assault - manhunt launched

A THREE-YEAR-OLD boy in a pushchair was injured in a suspected acid attack in Worcester this aftrenoon. West Mercia Police believe the child, who was in a pushchair with his family, was deliberately targeted in Home Bargains on Shrub Hill…

BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Remain had 'unfair advantage' with Cameron's £9.3m leaflet

A £9.3 MILLION leafleting onslaught gave David Cameron’s Remain campaign an unfair advantage in the run-up to the June 2016 referendum, a new report suggests.

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Worcester acid attack: 'It's APPALLING' Councillor fears attackers could strike AGAIN

WORCESTER City Councillor Adrian Gregson condemned the "appalling" suspected acid attack on a three-year-old in Shrub Hill Retail Park at Tallow Hill and urged attackers to come forward.


Prince George birthday: How will the family celebrate? Will Meghan and Harry join?

PRINCE George of Cambridge is celebrating his fifth birthday today with his parents and two younger siblings. So how are they marking the occasion? Will Meghan and Harry join?


Prince Philip health latest: Queen 'absolutely FUMING' over fake death reports

The Queen has been left fuming over bogus death reports of her husband Prince Philip.

Barnier issued with NO DEAL WARNING: ‘Britain will thrive, whatever happens!’

THE BREXIT Secretary Dominic Raab warned Michel Barnier that Britain would thrive whatever the outcome of Brexit negotiations, and said the EU negotiator was under “tremendous pressures”.


Princess Eugenie royal wedding snub: Royal's fiancé to 'miss out on Earl title'

PRINCESS Eugenie's future husband James Brooksbank will remain a 'commoner' and not take an official title after October's Royal wedding.


Silverlake shooting: One woman KILLED following Los Angeles gun and hostage incident

A WOMAN has been killed after a shooting at a Los Angeles supermarket in which a gunman barricaded himself and members of the public inside the store, according to the Mayor of Los Angeles.


‘There was no planning for a Leave vote’ result admits former Remainer Minister

DAVID Cameron’s Government had no plans in place for the UK voting to Leave the EU, according to one former minister, despite being the Cabinet who called the 2016 referendum.


Royal regulations! Prince George ALREADY faces Royal protocol on his fifth birthday

AS PRINCE George celebrates his fifth birthday today, he is sure to be surrounded by well wishes from across the Royal Family. However, as the young prince gets older he is already finding himself subject to certain Royal rules.


Dominic Raab threatens to WITHHOLD £39billion divorce bill if EU rejects trade deal

DOMINIC Raab has declared the UK will refuse to pay the £39 billion EU divorce bill if Brussels fails to agree to a viable trade deal, in a stark warning to the bloc.


Anger over ‘TRAVELLER CITY’ with population of 1,000 - ‘It is a festering SORE’

THIS is the shocking size of what is believed to be Europe’s biggest “traveller” site.


BREXIT CHAOS: Theresa May set for MORE resignations - ‘He will fall on his sword’

THERESA MAY is bracing herself for more Cabinet resignations amid claims Chris Grayling – one of her closest allies – will stand down if Britain makes more concessions to the EU.

'RIP IT UP and START AGAIN!' Davis breaks silence with STUNNING Brexit advice for May

DAVID DAVIS has urged the Prime Minister to tear up her Brexit White Paper and “start again” in an explosive interview in which he lays bare the inside story of Britain’s fraught negotiations with the EU.

REVEALED: How bitter Brussels tried to BLOCK Liam Fox from crunch US trade trip

LIAM FOX was almost blocked from visiting America this week because it clashed with Jean-Claude Juncker’s meeting with President Trump, it has been claimed.

'It will be a HUGE BOOM' Brexiteer TRASHES 'catastrophic' predictions with BRILLIANT point

LEADING Brexiteer Owen Paterson dismantled claims a Brexit no deal would be "catastrophic" for the British economy as he explained the great benefits of trading under World Trade Organisation rules would allow Britons to save thousands of…

'People, people, people!' Remoaner Major BLASTS Brexiteers over Brexit no deal 'betrayal'

FORMER Prime Minister John Major claimed "irreconcilable" Brexiteers will betray Britons if they continued to push the Prime Minister towards a Brexit no deal.


Prince George turns 5! Kate and Will release adorable photo of their young prince

Prince George turns five on Sunday and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have released an adorable photo of their eldest son to mark the occasion.

Saturday, Jul 21

'GET ON WITH IT!' Varadkar issues Brexit warning to May - and LAUGHS OFF Rees-Mogg dig

LEO Varadkar has urged Theresa May to “get on with” thinking up a real, workable Brexit plan - before laughing off Jacob Rees-Mogg’s “airhead” dig.

BREXIT REVEALED: New study shows why EU must sign SOFT DIVORCE deal to avoid consequences

EUROPEAN Union hopes for an off-the-shelf Brexit model have been quashed in a new study which warns similar arrangements to Ukraine and Canada all provide their own struggles for the Brussels bloc.

RETURN OF FARAGE: Ukip Membership soars after May’s ‘TREASONOUS’ Brexit strategy

THE Ukip membership site crashed as more people than 2,000 people have joined or re-joined the Eurosceptic party over the past two weeks, a senior party member has revealed.

'That is it!' Tory MP delivers BRILLIANT Brexit speech Theresa May should give NOW

BREXITEER Bob Stewart delivered the perfect Brexit speech as he called on Theresa May to toughen up against the EU in the Brexit negotiations.

Friday, Jul 20

‘EU MAFIA!’ Rees-Mogg CONDEMNS Brussels as Chequers plan SNUBBED - ‘We're RIGHT to leave'

THE EU has been branded a “mafia-like” organisation after its chief negotiator Michel Barnier rejected Theresa May’s Chequers plan for a future relationship with the bloc.

BREXIT BETRAYAL: David Davis ally reveals Downing Street 'CONSPIRACY' - 'This is SERIOUS'

FORMER Brexit special adviser Stewart Jackson has revealed how senior civil servants in Downing Street circumvented his old department to stop Britain leaving the EU properly.

Brexit LIVE: No deal NEARS - Barnier RIPS APART white paper as 10 states raise objections

THE prospect of a no deal Brexit inched closer to reality this afternoon after the EU’s chief negotiator questioned whether Theresa May’s vision for the split is “workable”.

EU fires warning at Britain: End 'unfair' tax breaks or WE WILL SUE

THE European Union has stepped up its threats against the UK, warning Britain must end what it considers a series of illegal tax breaks if it doesn’t want to be brought to court.

Thursday, Jul 19


LEO Varadkar has warned Britain will face a “doomsday” Brexit unless UK negotiators are able to quickly find a solution to the Irish border conundrum.

Rees-Mogg DESTROYS 'hysterical' Project Fear Remainers with INCREDIBLE rebuke

JACOB REES-MOGG delivered an incredible rebuke to Remainer advocates of Project Fear, as the Brexiteer explained why the European Union was the biggest reason behind a worsening quality of life in Britain.

Brexit White Paper REBUKE as EU says it’s 'NOT negotiating' UK's offer to Brussels

EUROPEAN Union bosses have hit out at the importance of Theresa May’s White Paper ahead of her new Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab’s visit to Brussels, where he will meet with his negotiating counterpart Michel Barnier for the first time.

Did you say something, Boris? May IGNORES Johnson rant as rebels 'COME TO THEIR SENSES'

BORIS Johnson yesterday issued a passionate plea to Theresa May to tear up her "miserable" Brexit plan and restore the "glorious vision" of a truly independent future for Britain outside the EU.

Wednesday, Jul 18

BREXIT LIVE: Boris twists knife on May as PM fights for Brexit in showdown with Cooper

THERESA May has survived a brutal day in which her commitment to Brexit was questioned by Boris Johnson and her plans for the split were put under the microscope by a panel of MPs.

BBC Kuenssberg's DEVASTATING analogy mocking Remainers leaves Brexiteer in STITCHES

THE BBC's Laura Kuenssberg delivered a hilarious analogy that left one leading Brexiteer MP in stitches after she mocked Remainers with a scathing comparison to an iconic screen character.

Nigel Farage exposes REAL reason Theresa May was not defeated this morning

NIGEL FARAGE told his LBC listeners the real reason that Prime Minister Theresa May was not defeated in Tuesday’s House of Commons debate saying the Conservatives “are terrified of a general election”.

BACK ON TRACK? May survives 24 hours of BREXIT CHAOS (just) as leadership threat SEEN OFF

THERESA May last night thwarted an attempt by pro-Brussels Tory MPs to keep Britain locked in a customs union with Brussels after Brexit. On another dramatic day at Westminster, her Government defeated a Commons bid to rewrite her EU…

Tuesday, Jul 17

Barnier's BREXIT FEAR: EU could back May’s plans – but Brussels knows demise can WRECK IT

EUROPEAN UNION negotiators are refusing to rule out the possibility of a no deal Brexit as they closely monitor Theresa May’s Westminster turmoil from Brussels. Michel Barnier, however, sees the Prime Minister’s White Paper as a “serious…

'People have HAD ENOUGH' Dewberry claims appetite is RISING for Trump-style approach to EU

BREXIT supporting businesswoman Michelle Dewberry has claimed the UK is coming round to the prospect of a Trump-style negotiation with the European Union adding British people have “had enough”.

Brexit LIVE: Here we go again! May faces ANOTHER Commons scrap as Remainers plot rebellion

THERESA May is bracing for another Commons battle over Brexit just hours after a Tory civil war broke out.

Hosepipe ban 2018: Seven MILLION face heatwave hosepipe ban, water company warns

MILLIONS of people are facing a hosepipe ban, water company United Utilities has announced.