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Monday, Apr 19


Slavia Prague Against Football Super League, Supports FIFA, UEFA


The Slavia Prague football club is against setting up a closed European Super League and sides with the…


FIFA 21 TOTW 30 predictions featuring Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood


Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood could feature in the FIFA 21 Team of the Week (TOTW) 30 squad on Wednesday April 21.


What the European Super League news could mean for FIFA 22 and EA Sports


English clubs Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea have agreed to establish a new mid-week competition, called The Super League.


FIFA 21 Community TOTS (Team of the Season) predictions with fan vote ongoing


Fans can now vote for their FIFA 21 Community TOTS (Team of the Season), with FUT 21 fans able to choose 11 players from 100 nominees that were announced by EA Sports on Friday April 16.


European Super League rebels threaten to sue Fifa AND Uefa if they try to ban clubs from starting breakaway competition


SUPER LEAGUE rebels have threatened to sue Fifa AND Uefa if they try to ban the clubs from setting up their breakaway competition. Uefa’s response to news of the proposed new self-elected elite was to raise the prospect of the 12 clubs –…


European Super League clubs would WIN any court case brought by UEFA or FIFA, says legal expert


The 12 clubs, from England, Italy and Spain, announced plans on Sunday night to set up a competition to rival UEFA's Champions League and Europa League tournaments.


European Super League players could be BANNED from World Cups and national teams as Uefa and Fifa fume over plans


EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE players could be banned from appearing at World Cups and European Championships. Uefa and Fifa hit out at the proposed plans for the 20-team breakaway league – and suggested international repercussions for the…

European Super League clubs' letter to FIFA and UEFA presidents


The European Super League has sent a letter to UEFA's and FIFA's president calling for co-operation as the breakaway competition is widely condemned amid likely legal action

European Super League clubs are taking legal action to stop UEFA and FIFA from delaying breakaway


The rebel group, which includes Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham have been warned that action would be taken against them if they proceed plans.


European Super League clubs tell Uefa and Fifa legal action won’t prevent plans


Leading European clubs have announced plans to form a new breakaway competition


Premier League, FIFA and UEFA condemn European Super League as official announcement made


The Premier League released a statement condemning proposals for a European Super League.


FIFA issue pointedly tame statement as 12 clubs announce European Super League


World football's governing body has responded following the news that a dozen of Europe's biggest clubs - including six members of the Premier League - have formally aligned and former 'The Super League'

Friday, Apr 16


FIFA 21 Community TOTS (Team of the Season) nominees confirmed as voting opens


The FIFA 21 Ultimate Team TOTS (Team of the Season) kicks off with the release of the Community TOTS nominees, with FUT 21 players able to choose from 100 stars in their Community TOTS vote.

Wednesday, Apr 14


FIFA 21 TOTW 29 release date, time, FUT cards, LEAKS and Ultimate Team predictions


FIFA 21 Team of the Week 29 is about to be revealed by EA Sports, and it looks like another good week for Premier League stars.

Tuesday, Apr 13


Exciting Aston Villa youngster with impressive potential added to FIFA 21

One of Villa's most promising young players has been added to FIFA 21 for the first time following an update to the mega-popular game, with the 18-year-old having impressive potential on the game and in real life.

Monday, Apr 12


FIFA 21 TOTW 29 predictions featuring Trent Alexander-Arnold and Toni Kroos


Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold and Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos could feature in the FIFA 21 Team of the Week (TOTW) 29 squad when it's announced on Wednesday April 14.


SPORTS AGENDA: FIFA's Club World Cup coming to North America in 2025


MIKE KEEGAN: Rumours that Jermaine Jenas will replace Dan Walker as the host of Football Focus are understood to be wide of the mark. The former Newcastle man has been installed as favourite.

Wednesday, Apr 7


FIFA 21 TOTW 28 squad confirmed with Fabinho, Jesse Lingard and Benjamin Mendy


The FIFA 21 Team of the Week (TOTW) 28 lineup features Liverpool midfielder Fabinho, West Ham United midfielder Jesse Lingard and Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy.

Thursday, Apr 1


Fifa 21: When do rival rewards come out?


FUT RIVALS has been a major part of FIFA since it was introduced to the game. But what is FUT rivals, and when does EA distribute rewards for the game mode? What is FUT rivals? FUT Rivals is an online game mode within FIFA’s hugely popular…

Wednesday, Mar 31


'We’re not little kids': leading agents ready for war with Fifa over new rules


Mino Raiola and Jonathan Barnett, both senior members of the Football Forum, are threatening action over proposed changes