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FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup 2024: Liberia stun Senegal to set up date with Flamingos


Senegal got a stunning sucker punch and were thrown out of the race for this year’s FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup finals after hosts Liberia stormed powerfully to a 2-0 …

Sunday, May 19


Three Ghanaian referees arrive in Cairo for FIFA course


Ghanaian referees, Reginald Collins Amoah (Centre Referee) and two assistant referees, Theophilus Aberenga Akugre and Seth Abletor have arrived in Cairo, Egypt for the new CAF FIFA Referees course....

FIFA to trial future VAR replacement in youth soccer


In a new challenge system tested in soccer, managers may now wave their finger in the air to start a video review of a referee's call. Sports like cricket and tennis already have this feature. Now FIFA has implemented a new challenge…


El deporte rey tuvo un soberano mucho antes que FIFA o PES, y su nombre era Sensible Soccer


Una estrella del fútbol que cayó en desgracia en dos años, así fue el boom y debacle de Sensible Soccer. Leer

Saturday, May 18


FIFA seeks 'legal expertise' before decision on Israel soccer ban proposal


FIFA decided to seek a further "legal assessment" before making a decision on a proposal to ban Israel soccer from international competitions.


2026 FIFA WCQ: Nigerian Striker Elijah Ani to Represent Rivals Rwanda


With the World Cup qualifiers resuming in June, Nigerian striker Elijah Ani has announced his decision to make an international switch to Rwanda.


2026 FIFA WC Qualifiers: Players’ injuries worry Super Eagles coach, NFF


Newly appointed Super Eagles coach, George Finidi, and top officials of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) are said to be having sleepless


2024 FIFA U-17 Women W/C: Olowookere Optimistic Of Victory Against Burkina Faso


Coach of Nigeria`s Under 17 female national football team, the Flamingos, Bankole Olowookere, said he is optimistic of victory against Burkina Faso in the return leg of the 2024 FIFA Under 17 Women’s World Cup qualifying match. Olowookere…

Friday, May 17


FIFA Referee Daniel Laryea to officiate domestic matches when available - Alex Quartey


Ghana Football Association (GFA) referees instructor, Alex Quartey, has confirmed that FIFA referee Daniel Laryea will be available to officiate domestic games if the need arises.Quartey, in an interview, stated that Laryea is mostly out…


Gaza war: FIFA to seek legal advice on proposal to suspend Israel from international football


“Due to the urgency of the situation, an extraordinary FIFA Council will be convened and will take place before July 20 to review the results of the legal assessment and to take the decisions that are appropriate,” FIFA president Gioanni…


Brazil to host 2027 Women's World Cup, wins FIFA vote after USA-Mexico joint bid withdrawn


Brazil won the FIFA vote with 119 votes versus 78 for the joint bid of Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. USA and Mexico are focusing on 2031.


Brazil named 2027 FIFA Women’s World Cup hosts


Brazil have been named as host of the 2027 FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament, beating a joint bid from three top European nations. Brazil will become the first nation to be handed the rights by an open vote, with member associations voting…

FIFA reveal new challenge system with Premier League decision already made


Football Video Support being tested in youth football

FIFA reveal new challenge system with Premier League decision already made


Football Video Support being tested in youth football

Brazil Wins Bid for 2027 FIFA Women’s World Cup


Brazil has been named the host of the 2027 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the first time a South American nation was named hosts

Football: "Uniting this world is our responsibility", FIFA president says


"We are saying football unites the world. But we all know as well that today we are living in a very aggressive world, in a very divided world. So uniting this world is our responsibility. It is our answer to the aggression. Our answer to…

FIFA unveil new system where managers get two challenges per match, similar to tennis or cricket... as Premier League clubs vote on whether to scrap VAR


KIERAN GILL: Football is copying cricket and tennis by trialling a new challenge system in which managers will have the power to twirl their finger in the air to initiate a video review of a decision.


FIFA approves 'five-pillar' deal against racism in football, says FIFA chief Infantino


"We need to stand up and fight racism and defeat racism all together," Gianni Infantino stressed

FIFA hold urgent meeting on Israel’s future in world football


FIFA are facing calls to suspends Israel from world football FIFA will hold a meeting to decide on Israel’s future...