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New Security Warning Issued For Google's 1.8 Billion Gmail Users


Google has confirmed a dangerous new Gmail problem that affects all users...

Google removes 32 malicious chrome extensions: 75 million downloads


In a recent development, Google has removed 32 malicious extensions from the Chrome Web Store. It collectively had a download count of 75 million. These extensions had ...

Google rolling out new viewer mode in Meet


San Francisco: Tech giant Google is rolling out a new viewer mode in its video communication service ‘Meet’, which will allow users to select “Everyone is a viewer” when creating their Calendar invite. Viewers are meeting attendees who…

Amazon and Google fund anti-abortion lawmakers through complex shell game


Blue-chip companies gave to Republican group funneling money to lawmakers who overturned abortion-ban veto in North Carolina

The best ice cream parlours in the North East based on Google reviews

Each North East ice cream parlour on the list has had hundreds of reviews from customers raving about their delicious treats


Google releases Android adoption pie chart – Android 11 still booms


Google has recently released a pie chart showing the adoption rate of Android, the system used by most mobile phone brands in the world. According ...


Google Workspace's Licensing Issue Exposes Companies to Insider Threats and Data Breaches

A recent study conducted by Mitiga has uncovered a vulnerability in Google Workspace that has the potential to put companies at risk of insider threats and data breaches. This vulnerability stems from the default licensing configurations…


Google Pixel Watch’s backplate falling off for some users


San Francisco: Some Google Pixel Watch owners have reported that their watch’s backplate is randomly falling out. Taking to Reddit, several users reported this issue, reports Android Police. The majority of the users claimed that when they…

Google bans hugely popular Android apps - full list you must now delete exposed


Google has blocked a number of Android apps from its Play Store now it's vital users check their devices and delete them without delay.

Some Google Pixel Watch Units Are Falling Apart on Their Own


The Google Pixel Watch 2 is just a couple of months away. And as far as previous reports go, Google will offer some significant upgrades ...


Google Pixel Watch Owners Complaint of Backplate Falling Off While Removing It Out of Charging Puck


Some Google Pixel Watch owners have reported that their watch's backplate is randomly falling out. Taking to Reddit, several users reported this issue, reports Android Police.

US school sues Meta, Google, Snap over mental crisis among students


San Francisco: A school district in the US state of Maryland has sued Meta, Google, Snapchat and TikTok for allegedly contributing to a “mental health crisis” among students. The lawsuit, filed by the Howard County Public School System,…


Google Gets PTAB To Nix Claims Of IPA Voice Patents


The Patent Trial and Appeal Board on Thursday found that Google was able to show that a claim each in a pair of voice technology patents owned by a Wi-LAN subsidiary were invalid, about a year after the Federal Circuit breathed new life…


Google Assistant ends Notes support for third parties, paving the way for other AIs


Google continues its current plan of shutting down third-party support, casting a shadow over Assistant's future.

Friday, Jun 2


Google opposed a shareholder proposal asking for more transparency around its AI algorithms

During Alphabet's 2023 shareholder meeting,Trillium Asset Management proposed asking the search giant for more accountability on its AI algorithms.

Google Pixel 8: Features We Want To See In The Next Android Smartphone


The next phone in the Pixel line is on its way, and Android enthusiasts are excited to see what Google has to offer. Here is what we want to see in the Pixel 8.

Google’s Android and Chrome extensions are a very sad place. Here’s why


It was a bad week for millions of people who rely on Google for apps and Chrome extensions.


FBI warns all Google users over ‘pharming’ attack that takes control of device and redirects to bank-emptying websites


THE FBI has warned internet users about threat actors pretending to be trusted sources to steal their money.

Some Google Pixel Watches are falling apart [Update]


Several users report the back of the Pixel Watch just falls off after a short time.