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Thursday, Sep 2


France's former president Francois Hollande poses for picture with girlfriend Julie Gayet


The French actress, 49, shared the intimate snap on Instagram, where she is seen embracing former French president, Hollande, 67, as the couple look straight into the camera.

Saturday, Aug 28


Merkel 'ordered' Hollande to keep Macron out of EU negotiations after tense clash


ANGELA MERKEL ordered former French President François Hollande to keep Emmanuel Macron out of EU negotiations as the two did not see eye to eye on the Greek debt deal, a book has claimed.

Friday, Jun 25


France's François Hollande pushed for serious Brexit revenge: 'There must be a price!'


FRANCE's former President François Hollande called for "firmness" from the EU during Brexit negotiations, as he insisted Britain had to pay a price for leaving the European bloc.