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Tuesday, Mar 23


Who discovered Pluto?


PLUTO was classed as a planet for three quarters of a century before it was famously stripped of the title in 2006. But who discovered the icy world, and how did they do it? Who discovered Pluto? Pluto was discovered at around 4pm on…

Friday, Mar 19


Interstellar visitor Oumuamua is NOT an alien craft but a chunk from a Pluto-like exoplanet


Scientists say the have solved the three-year mystery of Oumuamua, which is an object that flew through the solar system. The study finds it is a chunk from an exoplanet covered in frozen nitrogen.

Thursday, Mar 18


Space oddity Oumuamua probably shard of Pluto-like world, scientists say


Interstellar visitor likely made of frozen nitrogen, cookie-shaped rather than cigar, and not a comet or asteroid – while some stick to alien theory

Thursday, Feb 25


Is Pluto a planet?


IT has a surface temperature of minus 225 degrees Celsius and was once the ninth and most distant planet from the Sun. But Pluto’s status as a planet is one of the most controversial issues in the world of astronomy. Is Pluto a planet? No,…

Thursday, Feb 4


Is Pluto a planet? The strange loophole that downgraded our space neighbour


ARGUMENTS over whether or not Pluto is a planet have raged for decades among scientists and casual space fans alike. The icy world was the last “planet” in our solar system to be discovered but was downgraded to the status of dwarf planet…