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Panasonic’s new Tesla battery lasts five times longer and costs half as much


Battery production at Panasonic’s factory will increase 100-fold making these new cells


Tesla's Sentry Mode now offers drivers a live view of their car


Tesla has long hidden hints in its code that it's giving owners live view access to its EVs' Autopilot cameras — now, the automaker is finally rolling out the feature. Its latest software update includes a feature called Sentry Mode Live…



VW to cut jobs and overhaul main plant in face of Tesla challenge


Carmaker moves to compete with US rival’s new German factory

Hertz and Uber partner up to offer 50,000 Tesla rentals


The new initiative, announced Wednesday, will allow Uber drivers to rent a Tesla through Hertz starting on November 1 in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Washington D.C.



Electric Battery Charging Stations Market- Outlook Analysis 2021-2027 | Electrify America, Volta Charging, IONITY GmbH, Tesla


Exclusive Summary: Global Electric Battery Charging Stations Market In this study, we have uploaded a latest industry analysis by the Global Electric Battery Charging Stations Market 2021-2027 sales and demand evaluation that accelerated…


GM can ‘absolutely’ catch up to Tesla by 2025, says CEO


General Motors CEO Mary Barra is confident that the company will be able to pass Tesla in annual electric vehicle sales in the US by 2025.


Ford, GM juggle high prices and put supply chain pressure on Tesla’s shadow


File Photo: The Ford logo was taken at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany. Reuters / Wolfgang Rattay October 27, 2021 Detroit (Reuters)-Detroit carmakers Ford Motor Company and General Motors both have insatiable…


Uber Becomes Latest Company To Embrace Tesla As 50,000 Set To Be Offered To Drivers By 2023


Thanks to a partnership with Hertz, your next Uber could be a Tesla.

Tesla debuts Sentry Mode Live Camera Access mode for iOS app - Roadshow


Now you can get a live feed of your car's sentry mode cameras, for a fee.


Elon Musk used government money to build Tesla. But he fears a tax on billionaires


Think of the billionaire tax as the Tesla solution to Democrats' search for revenue to pay for their expansion of the social safety net ... if only they can convince Sen. Joe Manchin, the West Virginia Democrat.

Wednesday, Oct 27


Elon Musk’s Tesla leadership team was BLINDSIDED by move from California to Texas, official says

Elon MuskTesla’s most senior employees were blinded by the CEO’s sudden decision to relocate the company. California NS Texas Earlier this month, I learned about it only when Musk first announced plans to transfer to shareholders three…

Elon Musk's Tesla leadership team was BLINDSIDED by move from California to Texas, official says


Elon Musk's most senior Tesla employees were left blindsided by the CEO's sudden decision to relocate the company from California to Texas earlier this month, a top California politician has revealed.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale Battles Tesla Model S Plaid In 5 Drag Races


Can the hybrid supercar outperform the all-electric sedan?

Gov Official Tears Apart Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” Feature


It’s no secret that Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” feature, a software suite that doesn’t actually enable full self-driving, isn’t exactly popular among federal regulators. In a Tuesday interview with CNBC, the National Transportation Safety…


: Tesla stock closes at record on the heels of Uber-Hertz deal


Shares of Tesla Inc. ended at a fresh record on Wednesday as Hertz Global Holdings Inc. and Uber Technologies Inc. said the rental car company would offer Tesla vehicles for ride-hailing.

GM boss Mary Barra says it can beat Tesla in EV sales by 2025 - Roadshow


That's a big statement, but it's not impossible and we'll tell you why.