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Despite US-China Tensions, Baidu Boosts Ties with Apple and Tesla For Major Role in AI and Autonomous Tech


Baidu Inc (NASDAQ:BIDU) is forming tighter connections with U.S. tech giants like Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA), leveraging China’s overseas data transfer restrictions to expand its focus beyond its traditional search…

Elon Musk's AI Ambitions Tied To Tesla's Success, Says Morgan Stanley Analyst: 'More Conspicuously Linked'


Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas believes Elon Musk needs his EV company Tesla Inc "more than ever before" or as much as the company needs him.

Elon Musk Is In A 'League Of His Own,' Says Steve Jobs And Tesla CEO's Biographer: 'He's A Serial Tasker'


Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs revolutionized multiple industries during his life, but Walter Isaacson, the biographer of both Jobs' and Elon Musk, thinks that the Tesla Inc. CEO is in a "league of his own."

MicroStrategy 500% yearly gains beat Bitcoin, Tesla stock — Is MSTR the best short-term bet?


MicroStrategy's premium to Bitcoin reflects investor confidence in its management, debt-leveraging strategy to acquire more BTC, and potential for future growth beyond its crypto holdings.

Elon Musk, Who Claimed 'Tesla Will Solve Autonomy' With Or Without Him, Now Wants To Hold AI Hostage For His Compensation Plan


Elon Musk has recently become convinced that his floundering car company is actually, secretly, an incredibly powerful robotics company. Model Xes and Ys are no longer the big business to him; it’s all about Optimus and robotaxis — that is…


Tesla Removes Steam Gaming Support In New Model S And Model X


The Tesla Model S and Model X had even offered support for wireless controllers when using Steam

Tesla Cybertruck takes second behind Ford F-150 Lightning in monthly sales race


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Tesla Semi Fleet Grows As PepsiCo Takes Delivery Of Another 50 EV Trucks


A PepsiCo spokesperson told Benzinga in January that the company has a total of 36 Tesla Semis deployed in its fleet.


Tesla Shareholder Coalition Urges Other Investors To Reject Elon Musk's $56B Pay Package, Calls For 'Adequately-Focused' Full-Time CEO


The group also recommends voting against the reelection of directors Kimbal Musk and James Murdoch.

Steam Gaming Support Is Ending for New Tesla Model X Shipments


A key selling point of the Tesla Model X and Model S, which were launched in 2022 and later, is Steam gaming support. With it, the electric vehicle ...


Indonesia Wants Tesla To Build A Local EV Battery Plant


The nation's investment leader says Elon Musk will consider a proposal to build a battery plant in the country

'I Did Not Ask For It:' Elon Musk Thanks Tesla Team For Putting Together Video Urging Shareholders To Vote For CEO's 2018 Pay Package


For the shareholder meeting scheduled for June 13, Tesla shareholders will vote again on Musk's 2018 pay package which was rescinded by a Delaware court earlier this year.

Tesla's Top Chinese Rival Rocked By Strike As Workers Protest Income-Cutting Work Schedule: Report


The main reason for the strike is reportedly the implementation of a four-shift system and a five-day, eight-hour work schedule.


Tesla Owner Nearly Collides With Train in Full Self-Driving Mode; How Safe Is FSD Mode?


A Tesla owner had to intervene after his vehicle approached a moving train while in full self-driving mode.


Tesla ‘Cybercab’ Robotaxi Interior: Is This It?


Several photos that show a two-seater without a steering wheel made their way into an official Tesla video.

Blaze At Tesla's Fremont Factory Quickly Contained: No Injuries Reported


The 2-alarm fire started in an oven in a two-story building at Tesla's Fremont factory, the Fire Department reported.

Tesla employees labor in fear as layoffs loom


Tesla Inc. workers are living in fear of the "Dear Employee" layoff email.