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Police to search Tesla after vehicle crash that killed two people


Police in Texas will serve search warrants on Tesla after a vehicle crash which killed two people.

Monday, Apr 19


A Tesla crash killed 2 people in Texas. Authorities say nobody was driving — and the fire took 32,000 gallons of water to extinguish (TSLA)

Two people are dead in Texas after the Tesla they were riding in hopped a curb, crashed into a tree, and burst into flames, local outlets report. Authorities said nobody was driving the car.

How were 59-year-old and 69-year-old able to take Tesla for 'a spin' on autopilot before crash?


The men haven't been named but the owner's brother-in-law said he likely drove it out of his driveway at 11.25pm on Saturday then hopped in the backseat after engaging autopilot.


Watch a disgruntled Tesla owner jump on top of a car at the Shanghai auto show (TSLA)

A peeved Tesla owner caused a scene at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition on Monday by jumping on top of a Model 3 to protest the carmaker's quality-control issues.


Tesla crash: investigators ‘100% sure’ no one driving car in fatal Texas incident


Investigators trying to determine whether Autopilot driver-assist system or Full Self-Driving Capability system was in use


NHTSA is investigating the deadly Tesla crash where nobody was driving (TSLA)

The top US safety regulator will investigate a fatal incident involving a Tesla that crashed into a tree with nobody in the driver's seat on Saturday.

Tesla falls after reports of fatal driverless car crash in Texas (TSLA)

Tesla stock sank as much as 6.5% on Monday after reports of a fatal driverless car crash outside of Houston, Texas stirred investors.


Magna's CEO reveals the little-known auto giant's game plan for outpacing GM, Tesla, and Rivian in a post-pandemic industry (MGA)

Magna International is the biggest car company you've never heard of. The Canadian firm is the world's largest contract manufacturer of vehicles for other automakers, through its Magna Steyr arm in Austria, and it's also an important…


Two men killed in Tesla car crash 'without driver' in seat


One victim was found in the front passenger seat and the other was in the back after the accident in Texas.

Tesla car crashes in Texas with 'no one in driver's seat' – video report


Two men died after a Tesla vehicle believed to have been operating without anyone in the driver’s seat crashed into a tree north of Houston. The victims were reportedly found in the front passenger seat and the back seat of the 2019 Tesla…


A driverless Tesla crashed and burned for four hours, police said, killing two passengers in Texas


Officials believe the battery inside the 2019 Model S ignited after the collision, causing a fire that burned for four hours and required more than 30,000 gallons of water to put out.


Two men killed as Tesla without anyone in the driver's seat crashes into tree and catches fire


Two men have been killed after a Tesla crashed into a tree and burst into flames, and officials have said no one was in the driver's seat.


Two die in Tesla car crash in Texas with ‘no one’ in driver’s seat, police say


Car ran off road and hit a tree north of Houston, before bursting into flames, local media says


Maryland Pastor Rudolph Brooks Jr facing 20 years for ‘using $3.5million in Covid PPP loans to buy Tesla,’ FBI says


A MARYLAND Pastor is facing up to 20 years in prison after he allegedly used “$3.5million in Covid PPP loans to buy Tesla.” The FBI alleged Rudolph Brooks Jr used the funds to buy a total of 39 used cars – including a Tesla, a Bentley, and…

Sunday, Apr 18


Tesla crash kills two after car ‘on auto-pilot with no one driving’ smashed into tree and burst into flames in Texas


TWO men have died after a Tesla “on auto-pilot with no one driving” crashed into a tree in Spring, Texas. After smashing into the tree in Carlton Woods at 11:25 p.m, the fully-electric 2019 Tesla immediately burst into flames. Harris…


Two die after Tesla 'on auto-pilot with no one driving' crashes into a tree


The fully-electric 2019 Tesla Model S slammed into the tree in Carlton Woods at around 11.25pm on Saturday night before bursting into flames with the passengers still inside.

Saturday, Apr 17


This $50,000 attachment turns your Tesla Cybertruck into a campervan — and it even comes with a Starlink dish

Tesla's Cybertruck hasn't even got a release date yet — but a company has already launched pre-sales for a $50,000 attachment, which will turn the electric vehicle into a campervan for road trips.

Friday, Apr 16


Tesla settles lawsuit with former employee accused of stealing Autopilot trade secrets (XPEV, TSLA)

Tesla settled a lawsuit against an ex-engineer who copied the source code of its Autopilot driver-assistance tech before taking a job with a Chinese competitor, according to documents filed Thursday with a US district court.


A Tesla's security cameras helped police connect a man to several crimes including a fire that destroyed a Black church

A man was arrested Thursday and charged with setting fire to a Black church in Springfield, Massachusetts, after the police used footage from cameras on a Tesla to help connect him to the crime.


Tesla has made $1 billion from its bitcoin investment in just 10 weeks


Elon Musk’s firm made more from cryptocurrency since January than the profits it made from selling cars in all of 2020