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Facebook and Twitter Plan New Ways to Regulate Political Ads

Facebook said it would add a “paid for” label and give information on costs and target audiences. Twitter’s changes include restrictions on who can run the ads and rules for campaign accounts.

Tesla's Musk bashes media, proposes credibility check

Reuters 74 sources

(Reuters) - Tesla Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk gained the support on Thursday of more than half a million people on Twitter for plans to create a website evaluating journalists' credibility, spurred by his frustration at media reports…

Lily Allen leaves Twitter speechless by sharing pic of uncensored privates

Daily Star 9 sources

LILY Allen shot to fame for her no nonsense attitude, and judging by her latest tweet, it seems nothing has changed.

Trump can't block Twitter followers: Federal judge

Washington Times 162 sources

President Trump cannot cannot block people from his Twitter accounts, a federal judge ruled Wednesday, declaring his longtime account @realDonaldTrump a First Amendment forum that he, as a government official, cannot deny access to.

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