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Sunday, May 27


Hillary Clinton wants to be Facebook CEO


SAN FRANCISCO: Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might be willing to swap a life in politics to lead the world’s largest social-networking company, a media report said.


Stocks This Week: Liberty Global, Micron And Facebook


A holiday-shortened week lies ahead in which the indices are likely to move slightly higher. The S&P was flat last week as expected. Here are three stocks to trade in this week: Liberty Global, Micron and Facebook. Liberty Global provides…


Watch Out, Mark! Twitter Ablaze Over Hillary Clinton's Desire to Be Facebook CEO


Speaking at Harvard University on Friday, the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, didn’t hesitate to say that she wouldn’t mind running Facebook.

Victim of image abuse welcomes Facebook's nude photo trial

Uploading nude photos to Facebook might sound counterintuitive for a young woman who has been the victim of image-based abuse. But Noelle Martin would not hesitate to hand over sensitive photographs to the social media giant if it meant…


Denmark raises flags for crown prince's birthday thanks to viral Facebook post


Danish citizen Vibeke Janken wanted to pay tribute to the future Danish king and she got the entire country to follow her lead.

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wouldn't mind giving a chance to be the CEO of Facebook

Firstpost / Technology

"It's the biggest news platform in the world. Most people in our country get their news - true or not from Facebook," Clinton was quoted as saying.

NewsWatch: Weekend roundup: Facebook and Turtleboy | When to sell your home | Make money on ‘Fortnite’


Facebook’s difficulty identifying offensive content, predictions of a housing market collapse and how to play an entertainment trend.


Raucous 15th birthday party advertised on Facebook shut down after police found 150 teens drinking


Bottles were allegedly thrown at police after their decision to shut down an out of control 15th birthday party in Western Australia which was attended by 150 teenagers on Saturday night.


Why Facebook engineered the Half Dome Varifocal VR headset


At Display Week in Los Angeles, Facebook revealed why its researchers and engineers built a varifocal VR headset. Over the last few years researchers at Facebook’s Reality Labs (formerly known as Oculus Research) developed a series of…


Google, Facebook and Snap challenge governance standards


Tech groups dual class structures threaten principle of ‘one share, one vote’


Hillary Clinton says she wants to be Facebook CEO. Is Zuckerberg listening?

Business Standard News

The former US presidential candidate was at Harvard on Friday receiving the Radcliffe Medal

Hillary Clinton wants to be Facebook CEO


The former US presidential candidate was at Harvard on Friday receiving the Radcliffe Medal, which honours people who have "had a transformative impact on society".

Hillary Clinton wants to be Facebook CEO


The former US presidential candidate received the Radcliffe Medal at Harvard University in Cambridge.


The European Union vs. Facebook


After facing the U.S. Congress and the Senate in April, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the European Parliament in Brussels l

Hillary Clinton wants to be Facebook CEO


Former US Secretary of State might be willing to swap a life in politics to lead the world's largest social-networking company

Once in race for White House, Hillary Clinton now wants to be Facebook CEO

Zee News

Facebook is working to win back its users' trust following a series of recent controversies, including the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Mom’s Facebook letter too doggone manipulative


My ex and I split up about four months ago. We were together almost 10 years and had two sons. She had an affair, I found out and moved my kids out the next day. She sees the boys intermittently, but it’s difficult as she’s living with the…

It's not just Facebook: Other online communities are still out there


Get tips on how to make your own furniture, find companion runners for the next city marathon or discuss dog training techniques – there are online communities beyond Facebook for all these and much more.

You will soon be able to hire a domestic or handyman on Facebook's Marketplace


Facebook launched a new feature in its Marketplace community which allows users to connect with professionals such as plumbers and cleaners.