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Photos of Sydney auctioneer Stu Benson taken from his Facebook and used by man in dating scam


A man using the name Mark Taylorward masqueraded as Sydney auctioneer Stu Benson after pulling photos from his social media and uploading them to fake profiles.


Facebook creates Clubhouse clone Live Audio Rooms


Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg says the social media platform will introduce audio elements.

Monday, Apr 19


Facebook announces new audio tools in challenge to Clubhouse and Twitter


Facebook has announced plans to launch new audio products and features in an aggressive move to take on competitors including Twitter and Clubhouse, an invitation-only audio platform that has generated significant buzz.

Facebook capitalizes on social audio craze with voice recordings, podcast listening, and Clubhouse-like rooms (FB)

Facebook is planning to launch a slate of audio-based tools in coming months as it strives to capture the growing hype around Clubhouse and other social-audio platforms.

House where Facebook was built is up for rent


Mark Zuckerberg, then 19, first rented the six-bedroom home at 1743 Westbrook Ave in Los Altos, California back in September 2004.


Facebook to let people post with sound, just like they do pictures and text, as it takes on Clubhouse


Facebook says it is building a host of new audio tools as part of a focus on “audio storytelling”.


Priti Patel v Facebook is the latest in a 30-year fight over encryption


Governments have been clashing with tech companies for decades over user privacy

Facebook announces plans for its Clubhouse chatroom copycat, along with new 'soundbites'


Facebook now appears to have confirmed plans to launch a copycat of audio chatroom app Clubhouse, as it revealed plans summer as an audio-only version of its 'Rooms' feature


Ashley Cain warns fans scam artists have set up fake Facebook pages in his daughter Azaylia's name


The Ex On The Beach star, 30, took to Instagram on Monday and told how he felt 'really sad' to see fake pages being set up claiming to be in aid of his daughter.

Facebook says it will remove content that 'praises, celebrates or mocks George Floyd's death' ahead of Chauvin trial verdict (FB)

Ahead of the verdict in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, Facebook is beefing up content moderation standards.


George Floyd trial: Facebook reveals plans to avoid ‘violence’ in wake of Derek Chauvin verdict


Facebook has revealed how it plans to keep people safe after the verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, which is expected to be announced soon.

Priti Patel: Facebook encryption plan ‘must not hamper child protection’


The Home Secretary criticises Facebook's privacy plan for its apps in a speech on child protection.


NHS Facebook campaign helps 40-plus men prevent Type 2 diabetes


The NHS is using Facebook to reach millions of men aged 40 and over who are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, to help them to change their lifestyle and avoid the condition. The Facebook adverts will highlight the increased risk among…


He raised over $40,000 on Facebook to feed hungry neighbors during the pandemic. Now he owes $16,000 in taxes.


Louis Goffinet, a middle school science teacher in Connecticut, said he never thought his volunteer grocery effort would get so big.

Facebook joins Twitter and Microsoft in saying its staff can work from home after the pandemic

Facebook on Sunday said its employees can continue to work from home after the coronavirus pandemic, joining other tech giants who have told staff they can work remotely forever.


Facebook ‘blinding itself’ to child protection concerns over encryption plan, Priti Patel says


Home secretary warns encryption of Facebook and Instagram messaging could hamper fight against online child abuse


Priti Patel will accuse Facebook of trying to ‘blind itself’ to sick child abuse happening on its sites


PRITI Patel will today furiously accuse Facebook of trying to “blind itself” to the sick child abuse happening on its sites. The Home Secretary will tear into the tech giant’s hugely controversial plans to encrypt all its Facebook and…

Facebook encryption plans will hit fight against child abuse, warns Patel


NSPCC fears end-to-end encryption of messages will make tools that identify grooming and images of abuse useless

Facebook: Our staff can carry on working from home after Covid


The US technology giant tells the BBC that remote working after the pandemic is "the future".